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Battle of Rannock Reivasa

The Conflict


Before beginning their siege of Rannock Reivasa, the Empire of Vudon occupied Karnak Reiva, the largest nearby settlement, which by this time had already been evacuated. From Karnak, they had safe shelter from which to launch a series of assaults probing the fortress’ defenses.

The Engagement

Fighting continued for days as Reivan forces inflicted heavy casualties on the invaders, but were inevitably pushed back through layers of defenses. The battle reached its climax as the Imperial forces breached the final curtain wall, forcing the Reivans to fight in the streets, with even women taking up spears in a desperate bid to reclaim the wall.   All hope seemed lost for the Reivans until the boom of dwarven war drums echoed into the fortress from the High Road. The dwarves of Clan Drakebeard had seen the beacon and came to the Reivans' aid. The army was not large, but with their stout and stalwart allies to reinforce and hold the line in key positions, the Reivans were granted a reprieve to regroup and flank the invading army. Finding itself encircled within the streets of Rannock, the army routed and fled back to the walls, but found themselves trapped with no escape. With the bulk of their forces slaughtered or captured, the Empire was unable to continue their assault and had no choice but to retreat. What men remained were devastated in their forced march out of the ashlands, with only a small fraction making it to the Imperial border.   In the aftermath of the battle, the Reivan survivors shed their signature yeti-fur cloaks and obsidian clan pendants, giving them as gifts to their dwarven saviors whom they declared to be Reivan citizens in spirit if not in blood.   Reivan Victory was achieved, but such a pyrrhic victory was no cause for celebration.
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Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
Ship Day, 3rd of Solace, 1492
Ending Date
Tide Day, 11th of Solace, 1492
Conflict Result
Pyrrhic Reivan victory; Empire of Vudon forced to retreat from the ashlands