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Krestov Akitara vas Rannock

Prior to the Battle of Rannock Reivasa, Krestov Akitara was a chief lieutenant to the commander of the Rannock citadel guard, effectively serving a capacity that a more formalized military would call an executive officer. He was known for his laid back attitude and jovial persona, in contrast to his reputation as an exceptionally effective and efficient logistician and organizer.   Krestov faught in and survived the battle to become one of the Unbroken. In the aftermath of the battle, Kadrin Akitara vas Rannock appointed him as one of his Captains in the newly-formed Reivan Expeditionary Army, naming him as his official second-in-command.   Krestov's demeanor changed drastically after the Battle. The once affable warrior became mirthless, laconic, and harsh, adopting a stern, authoritarian, and disciplinarian command style with his troops. He became the de facto lead of the 'inquisition' rooting out suspected traitors and Imperial collaborators within the Reivan Clans, before being officially charged with this responsibility by Kadrin. Krestov and those under his command have become known as The Eyes. As the campaign continued beyond the ashlands, The Eyes' mission extended to rooting out anyone deemed to have supported Imperial forces in the region, casting an extremely wide net in these judgements. The cruelty and brutality of his methods and his results have only grown with time.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Krestov is comparatively short by Reivan standards, but is otherwise of typical Reivan build: lean and wirey.
Year of Birth
1469 AT 24 Years old
Current Residence
Dark green
155 lbs
Aligned Organization