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Rowan Northrund

The son of Elric Northrund (the former Lord Bright), prefers to keep this relationship unspoken, and has had to answer many times that he does not know the location of his father's alleged treasure cache.   At some point, Rowan was captured by Kenku operatives in service to the Zonthosh Guild. He was held captive in the sewers, awaiting his demise at the hands of a dangerous Illithid, but was rescued by The Party. Upon being released from his cell, he proved to be a capable combatant in the fight, striking down a kenku with multiple rapid strikes with a dagger.   Suspicion (Unconfirmed): The Zonthosh probably intended to use an Intellect Devourer's body-stealing abilities to take control of Rowan to use him as a well-connected, wealthy spy.   Rowan was very grateful to the party for rescuing him from certain death. In gratitude, he agreed to provide a 325gp reward, and to give the party ownership of his now-abandoned tavern, the Vulgar Unicorn. He still owes 135gp of this debt.   The party knows his address in Solk, if it becomes necessary to contact him.
Current Location
Mid 30's
Current Residence