Project Mayhem

It seems that Jackie de Mowbray has a penchant for causing chaos just for the sake of causing chaos. They have hired the party to take on some assignments to further this goal.   Their first task was to steal a handkerchief from a noble - a task which was completed by Xev's imp familiar and brought to Jackie before they had even left the Friendly Ghost.   The second task was to deliver an exposé, alleging that an unnamed noble family in Brightridge has been engaging in devil worship, to the Brightridge Record to be published. It appears that Jackie has invented this rumour just to sow discord. The party agreed to do this, though Lyra Dune added a final line about the family, "tainting their light with darkness" so as to imply that the family might be the Firelight Family. This document was left behind at the Brightridge Record office after the party visited him on the matter of The Obsidian Viper (another rumour that could potentially have been created by Jackie), though it was not done as discreetly as the party might have liked.   Despite the lack of discretion, Lothel Bonerock ran the story the next day, and Jackie de Mowbray paid the party the promised 20gp reward.
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