Firelight Family

The Firelights are an influential family in the city of Brightridge. Although the city does not have a fully developed banking system, the Firelight family are the most prominent moneylenders. They have wronged Lyra Dune in the past.   The family relies on William DeFino to handle many of their affairs. It is alleged that they have become engaged in philanthropy, distributing funds to various causes throughout the city. This was prompted by the disappearance of their eldest son, Elmo, roughly three years ago. There remains an outstanding 500 gp reward for any information leading to the recovery of their lost son.   The family has faced some public scandals of late, insofar as the public is willing to believe the rumour mill. The Brightridge Record printed two stories about the Firelights in the span of Flame, 1493. The first was an allegation that some nobles, in particular the Firelights, have been indulging in devil worship. The second was an accusation that the Firelights had been distributing paintings infused with Divination and scrying magics throughout the city.


  • Firelight Villa

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