Istrid Horn

Istrid is a moneylender operating out of the Raven Docks in Brightridge. Although her lending operation is not explicitly illegal and her interest rates are not far out of line with other lenders in the city, she is quick to use force in the pursuit of those who do not pay their debts.   Istrid can also provide hired muscle at a rate of 3 gp per day, per person, and is able to fence stolen goods as well. Her shop is well guarded, with two guards outside, and another six inside.   She is a past acquaintance of Everton Gresham, though she has not seen him in 15 years, and he warned Xev not to trust her.   She has some involvement in arranging the arena fights staged for the entertainment of Zonthosh, and has direct contact with Otto Steeltoes.   For her crimes in associated with the Zonthosh Guild, Istrid was executed.
Current Status
Year of Death
1493 AT