Cryst, actually "Crystal Clear" is derived from the aptly named Cryst Flowers which grow in the two upper, and thus sun rich, Layers of World Trees.   This flower is actually a parasitic plant consisting of a lower "drilling" part which finds root inside the outer wood of the ironwood treebark, which is still quite soft in these layers, and a bulbous green egglike stem permeated with bluish veins which end in a stark blue freesia like blossom on top of it.

Mechanics & Inner Workings


  The Cryst Powder, if inhaled or taken in orally, is a powerful sedative. In low doses it becalms the emotions and fears of a user, conscious as well as subconscious, and can allow for a restful sleep. Victims of Post traumatic stress thus often start using it, despite the general danger of addiction.   At the same time the drug is known as a strong , albeit heavily addictive, catalyst in magical capabilities.   Striking a carefully balanced amount, just enough to quieten the emotions fully, a state usually only achieved by very thorough meditation and self control, but not yet enough to affect the self perception and motivations of the caster, the drug can allow for greater effects of Fae manipulation through the casters impeccably clear will and the enhanced ability to picture the desired effects in order to will them into existence.   Overdosing Cryst, often used on extraordinarily dangerous casters to control them, will lead to a catatonic state, in which the user is unable to act until most of the Cryst has been metabolized. At the same time the user also becomes almost impossible to enchant. The transition hovever from this state in which the user by nature is immune against enchantments, to a state in which he is not anymore makes him especially susceptible to enchantments for a period of time of at least 8 hours.   The drug, especially the state reached through overdosing, furthermore supports the process of curbing, as performed in the Towers, to weed out the magic users which stand no chance to succeed in their graduation and are thus in danger of being overtaken by their Nemesis Fiend. To this end Cryst is administered in an overdose, which will lead lead to a catatonic state as usual. In this state the removal of Identity, Self and Motivations from the victim via necromantic magic is possible and will, once the effect of the Cryst has vanished, leave the victim as a helpless but harmless husk.  

Long term effects

Long Term users of Cryst can be recognized by their reddish eyes, a slightly sullen gaze and a pale skin with a yellowish tint.   Another long term side effect, altough one which mainly affects those who take large doses of the drug, is a general emotional dissociativity or numbness which can reach almost psychopathic levels. Apathy and a general lack of energy are not unheard of, except if a subject hits intellectual curiosity of the user.   Many long term users thus turn into highly functioning depressives who fake interest even to themselves in very minor tasks in order to get anything done.  

Cryst Addiction

The drug has different levels of addictivity, which is not so much physically, but through the rush of power and clarity, and the inability to cope with feelings once the effect ends. The higher the concentration, the quicker the descent into addiction, with those who cast magic under the effect of a critical dose of Cryst being most strongly affected.

Manufacturing process

Once the bulbous stem of the Cryst Flower has been cut, The excretion drippling from the lower point of incision must be caught and dried in the sun, whose light turns the Liquid from colorless to a bright, albeit translucent, blue. Once the Liquid has entirely cured into a plate it can be removed from the capturing cointainer and grinded into a fine salt, the sought after "Cryst" powder. If ground fine enough the powder appears white.
Cryst (cut, not grounded yet)
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Drug / Narcotic / Medicine
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To harvest Cryst from the cryst Flowers, the outer skin of a Cryst Stem must be cut with a bent "Harvestknife" diagonally from top to bottom. The Harvestknife is bent inwards and designed to, if used on a ripe Cryst Flower, cut to the perfect depth to harvest the resin like Cryst Juice, if the knife is pushed in until the rest of the blade touches the surface.
Effects of Cryst in Game


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