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Welcome hero! Your tale is about to begin.

Venture the vast lands of Ardras, a world shrouded in rich histories and ancient lore. Our story begins in the Era of Dusk, shortly before three brave young men's lives are changed forever. You are among their companions, exploring the deep misty vines of the Meinong Jungle, crossing the dangerous trek through the Drylands, learning ancient mysteries in the forested lands of Lithos, and so much more.
You may choose from any of several races to play your role in this story. The brave and mighty fervorian, made from marbled skin? Or will you be the agile and quick-witted tokage, mercantile lizard peoples from the badlands to the south? Or maybe you are one of the many different varieties of human, intrepidly trekking across the land.

Who are you?


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  Humans are amongst the most populous of the races on Ardras, residing in nearly every corner of the world, they are exceptionally skilled in magic and craftsmanship.

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  Tokage are clan-based lizard folk indigenous to badlands and deserts, but well-known for their itinerant merchants and notorious cults.

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  Fervorians are a race of stone peoples native to an isolated empire in the far north, their iron-clad social hierarchies are influenced by education and militaristic pride.  

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Whatever you choose, you bring your peoples customs and values with you, or perhaps you are a wandering rebel who has rejected the norms of your society. Your lives will come to tie in with the fates of these three brave young men, each walking down their own path, will you be an ally? Their enemy? Or perhaps you yourself have a path you must journey through.

Where are you from?


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  The egalitarian empire of Aristolia rose to global prominence through the maneuverings of the Merchants Guild and Church of Helios after the collapse of the Empire of Blackhearth.

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  Lithos is a heavily forested realm and home to ancient human lineages of kings and nobles. It is a land of traditions, magic, and faith.

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  The empire of Fervor has been long withstanding for thousands of years under the guidance of their philosopher kings. It has a long history of civil wars and uprisings.

The Drylands

  The lawless Drylands are home to cults, clan struggles, slavers, mercenaries, and tomb raiders. With a rich ancient history, treasure can be found by those daring enough to make the journey.


  Once a flourishing confederacy of tribes, this decaying empire is run by pirates, corrupt officials, trading companies, and daring individuals looking to make a name for themselves.

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We are all shaped, in little ways, by the world around us. The things we were taught when we were young lead us into new discoveries in our twilight years. How was the world of Ardras made? Who made it, and what was it made for? Various cultures throughout the land have aspired to answer these questions...

What do you believe in?

Church of Helios

  The Church of Helios is the central faith to the empire of Aristolia, it cares for the poor, sick, and ailing by charity services paid for by influential donors.


  Erudism is the traditional faith of the Lithosian people, it is heavily steeped in conservative values and organized by an educational system of mages.

Schools of Hadan

  The Schools of Hadan are familiar to any fervorian hailing from their homeland, these institutions instill the values of peace, justice, and liberty held by these peoples.


  An esoteric religion practiced by the mysterious and aloof monks atop a sacred mountaintop. This religion delves deeply into concepts of perception, consciousness, and the nature of existence.

Cults of Dragarn

  Though these cults once held considerable power over the political landscape of the ancient Drylands, most of them these days operate from out of the shadows to serve their primordial master.


  This oral storytelling system of beliefs are shared amongst the mariners and sea-going travelers of the oceans. They believe in an afterlife populated by spirits of their ancestors known as the Star Ocean.


  A superstitious folklore of spirits, demons, fae, and other malevolent spirits, they are connected to an ancient cult of sorcerers who practiced live sacrifice.


  Some people just want to start a farm, enjoy an evening with a good book in their lap, and sip a warm tea on the table beside them. Perhaps you are one such person.


The world of Ardras is a world about more than just role-playing, adventures, and storytelling. It is, like many of us, a world struggling to be born. This 10 year long project has gradually been coming to fruition, and it is eager for your engagement. Select a role you'd like to take on, become a part of Ardras, and take part in its creation.

Join the Adventure



  Welcome traveler, to the lands of Ardras! Thanks for contributing and helping make this world more real! Together we shall tear it from abxistence! Once the Lithosian archives have cleared about the clutter we'll need to memorialize your contributions in some way~!  


Merchant's Guild Representative

  Hello Representative, we at the Merchant's Guild have eagerly been awaiting your arrival. The exchange of coin is hard work, but you've shown that you are prepared to put in the extra effort. That's good. Praise Helios. Let's work together; your contributions to the Merchant's Guild helps it grow, and all the best merchants show up in all the right places at the right time.  



  Throughout Ardras, there are some stories that become cemented into legend. A hero's journey leads to our everlasting role in the canon of life. Some cultures believe in the existence of otherworldly spirits, while others remember the actions of ancestral heroes. Become a part of the mythos as a demigod of any belief system you choose.  


The Elder Council

  A mysterious immortal race of timekeepers and historians, the Essebu exist between the realms of space and time, operating the mechanics of the universe and pondering the meaning of the stars. They've lost much in their war with mankind, and they have reclused themselves to the secret places in the world. Introduction into the Elder Council, their chief body of governance, will allow you to become one such entity, and writ the fates of Ardras's heroes and villains.  


Dawn God

  Hello Dawn God, the entity which controls the golden energy. You have successfully built an empire of the mind and look how far you have stridden. Your logos, your icon, your symbol, whatever you may wish to call it, will be on display to be absorbed by the eyes of the people who have engaged in this world. Consider this connecting element the means to which this world came to be. Power is important. We must use it responsibly.  

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