The Orranysis galaxy is well connected by something called the Etherlink. This digital construct is, in essence, instantaneous quantum internet, inspired by and derived from the species-wide telepathic network shared by all Thyorans. The Etherlink network allows access to all kinds of data, from fun and frivolous social media platforms (of which there are many kinds) to galactic cartography critical to navigation. Distress signals are also dispersed through a specific Etherlink sub-network linking all active and registered space vessels, stations, and dispatchers.

Physical Basis

The Etherlink's transmission mechanism operates on the basis of photonic wormholes: subatomic-sized entangled singularities that allow the passage of photons between remote points in space. When the wormhole is opened up, photons are passed through and entangled, establishing a connection that can then be used to transmit information. An added bonus of this direct, stable link is a total lack of environmental interference.


Etherlink communications are facilitated by securing both ends of a quan, or direct quantum connection. If both ends of an attempted communication link possess each other's quan, they can communicate with each other directly without any trouble except encryption/decryption issues on either end. Since a direct mutual quan is end-to-end with no physical transmission, it is virtually unhackable (except on either endpoint, of course.)

More commonly, to communicate with a given party, a user is required to use a network connection. The user sends a message through the quan of an Etherlink nexus, which is shunted around the nexus system until it reaches a nexus with the other party’s quan and is sent to them. This is a more vulnerable method of information transit, as there is an in-between where messages can be intercepted.

Thyoran-Aehr Cooperative FTL-Comm Research Initiative
Access & Availability
Thanks to its nature, the Etherlink is reliably accessible even in the most remote part of the galaxy as long as the user has a quan to at least one nexus. EL-quan-equipped communication devices are also extremely affordable and relatively easy to manufacture, which is a boon to the outer regions of the galaxy.


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