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Huli Jing

The Huli Jing (or Hulijing) are Jiuweihu that originate from the Jianghu nation.


Shared customary codes and values

Huli Jing that follow the "Huxian" way of life pursue a higher moral standing in their interactions with others and their path to a personal connection with a higher power. They will remain faithful to a spouse, help others find lost items, and provide gifts such as wealth, prosperity, and tips on longevity. Other "huxians" strive for self-improvement through seclusion and meditation in an effort to ascend to divinity.    Other huli jing will be more hedonistic in their nature and their pursuits in life. While they have interest in developing their abilities to make life more comfortable or convenient, they dislike or disagree with upholding the principles followed by the Huxians. Thus they are more likely to deceive those they are unfamiliar with or even play tricks on those they know. Sexual congress is one of the ways foxes can take human essence or vitality, and wild huli jing are much more likely to engage in this, at least casually. Some can become malicious in their pursuits, draining the life out of their victims over a prolonged period.

Average technological level

Huli jing created communities have often adopted various tools from neighboring cultures. Most are primarily rustic but may have small handheld appliances and artifices.

Common Dress code

Huli Jing tend to wear clothing strongly influenced by the Minzu hauflins of the area though for different reasons between holy and wild Huli Jing. The wild ones have traditionally taken on the form of those in high courts and have worn dark colored court dress often tinged with red. Holy ones tend to wear the clothing of high ranking officials to promote their authority bestowed upon them by their deity.   However a high-necked, close fitting dress with the skirt slit partway up the side dress known as the qipao has become common with female huli jing with the century and continues to grow in popularity.

Common Myths and Legends

Origin Myth

  Legends have it that foxes were able to become henge after a chance encounter with a young Drakain lead to have one of their cores stolen and eventually used to grant them sapience. Along with that intelligence came the capacity for magic. The Hulijing split from those that followed the path of the fox deity Húxiān Niángniáng the "holy ones" or those who go about their own desires, usually without consideration for others, the "wild ones".

Historical figures


  One of the more infamous example of wild Hulijing influencing the affairs of other species (mostly hauflins and Drakians) would be that of Daji, a fox who once was a follower of the goddess Nuwa. She ended up possessing the wife of the ruler of the time Zhou, known for being cruel at the time in order to have him neglect his duties and weaken his influence. However, over the course she became corrupted and became an even crueler person and developed new forms of torture for dissenting officials. This caused her to topple the dynasty and with a new royal line who revolted against her and had her executed.
Diverged ethnicities
Encompassed species


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