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Slimy Sickness

"When I was a student, yonder years," the Elven Coroner laughed at his own age as he reminesced, "I traveled many strange lands; of those, I recall the Gumdrops. Lively, colorful, awful, dreadful place; I hated it," Coroner LaCross continued, "but it had some of the strangest flora I had ever seen."

The Coroner's voice came over Inspector Court's WAIV with slight crackling distortion, "I know about Slimy Sicknesses, Inspector, but the details are rather gruesome. I hope you haven't had your lunch."
— a WAIV comms between Inspector Court and Coroner LaCross during the case of the Sticky Cough case file #808d

Slimy Sickness is a disease that is contracted through contact with either the substance or spores of infectious Ooze.

This disease starts by invading the host's system as a bacterial infection and turning the body's system against it to incubate the Slimy Sickness. Different variations of Slimy Sickness exist based on the original form (see indiviual descriptions of Ooze for details).

Transmission & Vectors

"Stop fooling, LaCross." Inspector Court was irritated, "This case has been one disgusting event after another.

"You're the one that asked about Slimy Sickness," Coroner LaCross reminded the Inspector.

"Alright, LaCross," a bead of sweat dripped from the Inspector's brow. "Please continue." The Inspector wiped his forehead with his sleeve and stifled the itch at the back of his throat."
— a WAIV comms between Inspector Court and Coroner LaCross, the case of the Sticky Cough case file #808d

Some Ooze produce spores, pheromones, or infectious substance as part of their biologies. They spread this substance for various reasons, but living creatures exposed to the vectors of this disease may have adverse consequences.

Living creatures are attacked by their own immune system in the process of attempting to expel the vectors of this disease. As cells try to repair the damage, Slimy Sickness mutates the material. An allergenic reaction occurs, causing the earliest symptoms of this disease, which rapidly progresses to Death through allergenic asphyxiation. Even finding relief for the allergenic conditions don't treat the underlying contagion.

On affected exterior areas, the disease appears as colorful patches of sticky substance. Similar in coloration and texture to the Ooze that infected this disease, this material isn't contagious, but it is painful for the host. Inevitably, Slimy Sickness attacks the nervous system, causing Death through neural shocks and contractions. Those who perish from Slimy Sickness suffer unfortunate fates.


Exposure to Ooze creatures that project pods or spread spores can pass this terrible disease. Oozes use this either in defense or as a secondary means by which to proliferate. Certain species of Ooze coat this substance on surfaces or secrete it as a byproduct of their forms. The disease isn't transmitted by contact with the host of the disease but it can be transmitted by interacting with anything that could be coating the host, such as dust or ichor.


The WAIV transmission pulsed between the Inspector's ear and hand as he struggled to gather his thoughts. "Reiterate, Coroner. The victim can spread the contagion if exposed to the initial vector?" The Inspector's need to scratch the back of his throat was severe; his eyes found a glass jar of water.

As he drank great gulps of the crisp liquid, the Coroner's voice echoed through the WAIV, "Why? I said that, didn't I?"

The Inspector paranoia tightened as a gripping sensation caused the Inspector to clutch the WAIV, "Caven, you might need to tell me those symptoms." a WAIV comms between Inspector Court and Coroner LaCross, the case of the Sticky Cough case file #808e

After exposure to the disease, the Slimy Sickness first incubates within the host's body within a matter of 1-6 hours. Different physiologies are able to successfully prevent the disease, but it is notorious for attacking weaker immune systems.

The allergenic reactions begin to occur within the initial hours, followed by severe coughing or vomiting. As the coughing progresses, victims of the diseas have described a sticky sensation when attempting to dislodge matter from the chest.

Once the subject has developed into this phase of the disease, it doesn't take long to progress, building quicker throughout the body's respiratory sytem. If the vector is on contact, it enter's the repiratory system through absorption of the skin, which may take longer depending upon the subject. Once it is in the blood, it travels, using these conduits to travel throughout the body.

The colorful spot continues to secrete the sticky refuse of cellular tissue, indicating the stages of the disease. The respiratory tracts begin ejecting colorful, slimy material until the host dies from asphyxiation through allergenic reaction or suffocation through the clog of sticky substance congealed in the airways. On the exterior, the wounded area can become sticky, adhering to surfaces and objects.


As Coroner LaCross continued his WAIV comm, Inspector Court sat at the table and imbibed the water from the jar. He set the glass upon the table as the WAIV intensified, "Did you hear me? It causes Death! But wait, there's more!"

The Inspector's attention was shattered by the disturbance of a fallen object. "Mute", simultaneously, he commanded the WAIV and Coroner LaCross. He was the only one permitted access since the incident. Silence resumed within the apartments, but the Inspector was disturbed.

Not only was there a presence in the apartments, a stark realization suddenly gripped the Inspector like glue. "Caven," the Inspector coughed before he resumed, "I'm stuck."
— a WAIV comms between Inspector Court and Coroner LaCross, the case of the Sticky Cough case file #808f

For the terrible conditions of Slimy Sickness and its symptom, Sticky Cough, the treatment is fairly simple. The user must imbibe enough alcohol to expel the slime, literally drinking it out of the system. An expectorant is also given to aid with the allergenic symptoms of Sticky Cough. Alcoholic swabs or pads can be administered to local areas to treat an Oozing wound. While the body may suffer preliminary damage from the sickness, the scarification from wounds typically goes away. Cold compress treatments are useful to heal the scar tissue.


"I knew you were sick," the Coroner declared.

Annoyed, Inspector Court exclaimed, hushed, "Not sick, Caven! I said I'm "stuck"! The blasted glass is stuck to my hand!" He waved his hand frantically but failed to remove the empty glass.

Coroner LaCross lost all sense of professional decorum and burst into laughter. The Inspector had no time for the Coroner's word games.

Jakl Court dodged a bullet.

A squishy splash shattered a hanging portrait in the den. Inspector Court stood to his feet, an empty jar fixed to one hand and a reprimanding Coroner on a WAIV fixed to the other. Of course, he thought.

A large globular shadow lunged from the darkness of the dining hall! Jakl swiftly reacted, catching the airborn liquid in the empty glass. Against the table, the Inspector twisted the glass, preventing the pale-blue, translucent jelly from escaping. Stuck!"
— a WAIV comms between Inspector Court and Coroner LaCross, the case of the Sticky Cough case file #808g

The following are the progressive conditions of a Slimy Sickness disease:

Incubation Period: 1d6 Hours.
Initial: Vitality DCX/ Secondary: DCX* where x is specified
Fail: 2d6 Vitality Damage (Success: Half)
Sticky Cough
Secondary: 1d6 Vitality Damage
Sticky Cough causes coughing, asphyxiation through ichor.
Causes Damage every Hour untreated (DC Success Half).
Sticky Death
Third: Subject's Vitality is < than half, an Ooze is created.
The Ooze is expelled by the Host, attacks Host.
The subject must make saves versus Death (< 1/2 Vitality).


Survivors of Sticky Sickness may become more prone to allergenic conditions until fully healed. An expectorant should be used until healed. Even then, health issues may persist.

In rarer cases, a scar known as a "Slime Mark" appears as a discoloration of the once affected area. The color is the same as the disease that affected, serving as a permanent reminder of the encounter.

"The glass on the table rattled against the Inspector's grip. Coroner LaCross' WAIV chatter continued to pierce the Inspector's ear. As he grasped the jar, he worked to pull the WAIV from his grip. The Inspector noticed the sticky white ichor peeling from his hands.

Caven might be right, Jakl thought as the Coroner prattled between muffled attempts to release the WAIV from his palm, "...sticky... slick... slippery little "pop"!... "pop"! ... noises... such a funny language..." Caven continued to make no sense as the Inspector struggled with the WAIV.

From the corner of his golden eyes, Inspector Court sensed another presence. "Show yourself!" Moonlit shadows pouring from the reading room windows fluttered as the silhouette of a figure seemed to appear from behind a corner chair. Jakl nearly crushed the glass, "It's you." The imprisoned Ooze frothed and bubbled inside the glass jar, settling inside.

A solid baleful red eye peered from the murky contents of the jar as the lithe leg pattered into the pale pouring moonlight. Chestnut hair and crimson eyes hovered above sappy red lips parted like overripened fruit, "I have you where I want you, Inspector."

Jakl burst, "Bancroft!" The recognition excited her.

From the WAIV stuck in the Inspector's ear, Caven piped in, "... What?? Did you say Bancroft?!"
— a WAIV comms between Inspector Court and Coroner LaCross, the case of the Sticky Cough case file #808f

Hosts & Carriers

The following is a list of Ooze known to carry the contagion for Slimy Sickness.

Mound/ Spores
Moshiboom/ Spores
Plop/ Contact
Pylop/ Contact/ Infestation


To prevent transmission of this disease, be cautious of areas that are rumored to be infested with the contagion carrying Ooze. Prepare alcoholic swabs or drinks, as well as solvents, as many Oozes have adhesive qualities. Special balms safer for the skin are also beneficial for the treatment of Sticky Sickness effects.


Others can come into contact with the disease when exposed to the initial contagion, such as a secretion or a spore on the contaminated person. Another method of contracting Slimy Sickness is consumption of tainted material. Some people eat the flaps or jellies of Oozes, but some varieties, such as the Mound, are toxic to living creatures.


The disease manifested long ago, in or near locales such as the Gumdrops. Those in contact with Ooze creatures first reported the sickness and proliferated news of its existence. Underground explorers, naturalists, and others who found themselves exposed to the traces of a contagious Ooze also became more common as Oozes continued to evolve to more horrific forms.

Localized myths of the Slimy Sickness and the Slime Mark it leaves after scarrification suggest that those who have contracted the disease will eventually become an Ooze themselves, though no basis for this has been found historically.

In some cultures, one or more Slime Marks are inflicted, forming colorful tattoos that are naturally resistant to the diminishing effects of healing. Applied with Fertile Gel, the wounds heal and form natural layers of rubbery protection against harm.

Cultural Reception

Due to the horrors of Slimy Sickness, many people have fears surrounding Ooze. Those who live in regions populated with them learn which carry these traits and take measures to prevent them from encroaching their lands. Non-volatile species of Ooze are beloved in popular culture, as other byproducts of Ooze, such as Slime Jam are beneficial and inexpensive to harvest. Fertile Gel is another product made from Verdant Mossi, which are used in the production of salves that heal and fortify those who suffer from a Slime Mark.

Some cultures, especially Ancient cultures, imagine Ooze as subtle agents, traces, or influences of the evil Eidolon Osmas' presence. Known as "Ravenous Rapture" to those that follow this insane entity, Osmas is said to be the antithesis to Atmos, the essence of utter "nothing". Osmas is the great proliferator, spreading and assimilating in a state of constant shapeless, meaningless Creation, the essence of "everything".

Those who revere Osmas are known to associate with Oozes. They reflect his morphic nature and are believed to be aspects of Osmas manifest. It is believed that those who carry the Slime Mark will eventually become a type of Ooze at Osmas command. Their members are proud to own Slime Marks.

The jelly in the jar slurped and sloshed, glaring banefully, urged by Bancroft. Inspector Court held firmly against the table. "Maneater Bancroft, I know what happened. We can help you. Show me your hands and lets discuss this." In truth, he couldn't see her hands, but he needed time to work the WAIV from his ear. Caven exclaimed, "Wait?! WE?!"

"We're out of Time," she said. Bancroft locked red eyes with his; beneath the Inspector's gaze, she unleashed a fibrous dark whip at his golden eyes. Her movements were as nimble as liquid lightning leaping across the room.

Jakl crushed the glass within his grip; he attempted to catch the whip but it slipped his sticky fingers. "Wait?! What do you mean, WE?! Jakl!" Caven protested.

"Mute!" commanded the Inspector. The acidic Ooze ate a hole through the table, and attempted to spit another bullet at the Inspector. He crushed the red eye of the Ooze beneath his boot, content with the splat. His bloodied hand was tacky with blood and glue, the WAIV still stuck to his face.

Bancroft had escaped, likely sealing the door with "Gluem" Adhesive. The Inspector sat at the table and carefully removed a flask from his inner jacket pocket. Sweating, the Inspector rubbed his brow with the back of his forearm, twisted the flask-lid with his teeth, and stifled a cough before draining the draught of whiskey. The white stain on his hands throbbed as the alcohol worked through his system. When he was ready, he resumed the WAIV, the flask now stuck to the back of his hand.

Caven's sarcasm resumed, "Yet another sticky situation, Jakl?"

Inspector Court sighed in resignation and responded, "You could say we're in a jam." Caven considered, then repeated, "What do you mean, WE?!"
— a WAIV comms between Inspector Court and Coroner LaCross, the case of the Sticky Cough case file #808i


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