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Euhukoan Common

The language is heavily influenced by Draconic and Auran; this gives it a strange combination of guttural and airy sounds. It also borrows words and phrases from other languages such as Halfling and Gnomish. Though there are plenty of similarities with all of these languages, Euhukoan Common has developed into a language of its own and knowing for example Draconic won't make you able to understand everything that is said. Despite being a relatively new language, there are very few in Euhukoa Empire that don't have at least some understanding of it.  

Idioms and Sayings

Stepping off a ledge is a guarantee to fly fast for a short amount of time. This means that you should think things through and plan before doing anything important. Originated from people without the ability to fly but has since been adopted even by people who do have that ability, both ironically and as a sincere advice.   Place your head in the maw of the dragon. This is the Euhukoan equivalent of the saying "take a leap of faith". Might seem like the complete opposite of the previous saying but it's not about acting without thinking. Sometimes you can think things through and second guess yourself too much and instead you just have to have trust in your abilities and in the people around you.   Don't put your business in front of the nose of an old lady. Basically saying that if you don't want your secrets out there, you should be careful where and when you're speaking them out loud. This originated in a small village on Dahunai Island. One of the elderly women in the village was infamous for snooping around and overhearing private conversations, spreading them to the entire village afterwards. Of course the phrase has often been misconstrued as meaning something completely different, but that's also a good thing to know if you didn't already.   Don't fly backwards against the wind. Face your problems head on and honestly instead of pretending like they aren't there.
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