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Celestial Circle

In Light, Truth; In the Stars, the Way.


  W ithin the streets of Al'nahar's university quarter, where spires reach to the sky, resides an ancient brotherhood known as the Celestial Circle. Shrouded in robes of midnight blue, one can see them wander the ancient cobblestone pathways, their bronze medallions catching the moon’s glow, each inscribed with the emblem of the twin moons locked in an eternal celestial dance.   These scholars, these seekers of truth, drawn from all walks of life, face the dark nights with eyes forever cast upwards. Reading the stories written in the celestial tapestry, they seek answers to questions as old as time itself. For the celestial circle, the stars are not just glittering jewels of the night sky, but the lost keys to unlocking the universe’s greatest mysteries. They believe that the firnament holds the path to fate and fortune, to power and prophecy. And so, they watch, they study and learn - their gleaming medallions a silent oath to their quest for enlightenment, for the day when the stars reveal them a path to a better future.    

Goals and Purpose

  The goals of the Celestial Circle are as manifold as the stars they study:   At the foundation of their guild, their first and foremost task was as navigators, charting the nightsky to lead ships safely home. To this day, they study the stars, guiding the royal fleets on their nightly journeys through the endless seas. No fleet from Al'nahar sets sail without one of the circle's navigators aboard.  
Celestial Circle Pendant
Most members believe the stars to be the key to the deeper mysteries of the universe. They are convinced that ancient wisdom by the gods themselves is hidden in the stars, revealing itself only to those who dedicate their mind and soul to the studies. But even those that don't believe have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of stellar knowledge.   Wise augurs study the sky for portents and omens, hoping to avoid disasters and providing a way to fortune and fame for all of humankind. Within their ranks, there are quite a few mages and druids able to weave patterns of magic that harmonise with the stars and moons themselves, creating a fabric that pulses with the power of the stars themselves.   While this is a difficult task achieved through years of dedicated study, the spectacular magics of these few masters cannot be disputed. Within the quiet halls of the observatory, there is whisper of even greater magic, a magnum opus of stellar magic that is still being worked on.    

Members and Titles

The Celestial Circle has more members than one might expect - however, they are rarely in one place. Depending on their specialty they tend to travel, be attached as advisors or simply be out in the wild searching for lost knowledge about the stars.
Titles and ranks within the circle are given according to specialities, with members transitioning from time to time.  

The title of Seeker is designated for newcomers to the circle. These individuals are students who have joined the ranks but are yet to choose a specific path or undergo evaluation. They are at the beginning of their journey, exploring the various disciplines within the circle to find their calling.

Venerable chroniclers of the heavens, Astronomers are the keepers of celestial knowledge. They are responsible for preserving the lore of constellations, teaching the meanings and stories behind them, and updating star charts. Their role is crucial in educating and inspiring others about the night sky, ensuring that the wisdom of the stars is passed down through generations. Custodians of celestial lore, they impart the wisdom of the cosmos to those who seek to learn more.

Navigators are the guides of the seas and deserts, using the stars to navigate fleets, caravans, and ships. Their expertise ensures that travelers and traders can traverse the vastness of the world safely, relying on the celestial bodies to guide their way.
Stellar Adept

Stellar Adepts are the mystics of the circle, capable of harnessing the energies of stars and constellations for magical practices. These individuals have a profound affinity for magic and a deep understanding of the mystical properties of celestial bodies, allowing them to perform complex magical rituals.

Starwardens are the vigilant protectors of the circle’s knowledge and the sanctity of the observatory. They stand guard over the secrets of the stars, ensuring that the knowledge remains safe and uncorrupted.
Celestial Steward

Celestial Stewards oversee the logistical and administrative aspects of the Celestial Circle. They manage resources and affairs, ensuring the maintenance of telescopes and other astronomical equipment. Their organizational skills and leadership abilities are essential for the smooth operation of the circle’s activities.
Keeper of Constellations

The Keeper of Constellations stands as the leader of the circle, a position of high respect and authority. This role is held by an individual who has demonstrated exceptional dedication and insight into the celestial arts, guiding the circle in its quest for knowledge and enlightenment.


Ceremonial Robes of the Celestial Circle
Ceremonial Attire:
  During ceremonies, members wear long robes in dark blue or purple, reminiscent of the night sky. These robes are complemented by cloaks with subtle constellation patterns, accented with silver or gold highlights.   Daily Attire:
  For everyday activities, members of the Circle opt for practicality: Simple tunics in earthy tones and loose pants that allow for comfortable movement. Sturdy, leather boots with nailed soles are suitable for walking the cobblestone streets of the university quarter or embarking on long treks. Leather belts with pouches and holders for carrying scrolls, quills, and small mechanical tools complete their daily attire.
Small, round bronze medallions of intricate craftmansship, each engraved with the guild’s twin moons emblem, hang from thin leather cords around their necks.    

Artifacts and Keepsakes, places of power

  The twin moons of Shar'di   While they Celestial Circle was never in possession of these legendary jewels and their whereabouts are currently unknown, the Circle views them as symbols of power and tries to follow up all leads that could lead to their recovery.   The observatory of Al'nahar

Perched atop an artifically built hill, the Celestial Observatory of Al'nahr is a marvel of arcane engineering and astrological wisdom. Its walls are adorned with runes and sigils that glow softly in the moonlight. The main chamber of the observatory houses a gigantic orrery made from bronze, its celestial spheres crafted from precious gems and metals, which rotate and align in harmony with the firnaments movements.
Rumours say this orrery was a gift of a rival kingdom in ancient times, others say it is an artifact rescued from the jungles. Whatever its origins may be, its a mechanical masterpiece - and the Circle is going to great lengths to keep it working.
The Orrery
  The starlit Sanctum   An ancient series of caves, its ceilings and walls are transcribed with glowing paintings of ancient star signs and constellations. The star wardens guard the entrance religiously and few are allowed entry.
  Whispering Well   A well, located within a small hamlet near the steppes. Its waters reflect the night sky even in bright daylight - after its discovery, a small group of researchers and star wardens was dispatched to guard and study it.  

Noteworthy members

  Samir Al'Jadar - The current Keeper of Constellations is know for his teachings and calm, rational character,   Sana Quasim - Leader of the starwardens, she is a grizzled army veteran with a no-nonsense demeanor   Nour Al'Sabbagh - A bookish, overweight man, this celestial steward in charge of the administrative side of the observatory leaves most of the work to his staff.
Year 356 after Eclipse- Founding of the Celestial Circle
Founded in the year 56 by Sultan Shamir Al'Daoud, the Sultan himself appoints the first of the Keepers of Constellations, a wise and humble palace mage by the name of Haafil Al'Karam.
Year 361 a. E - The Celestial Celebration
The guild celebrates its first major discovery, the Sultan’s Comet, which appears once every 500 years.
Year 381 a. E - The Astral Accord
The guild opens their gates for magic users of all kind , expanding their knowledge and influence.
Year 403 a. E - The Night of Falling Stars
A spectacular meteor shower rains down on Al'nahar and Al'rihar. Great damage is done, but more grievous damage is prevented by the guild warning the inhabitants of the incoming storm. Remnants of this meteor shower can still be seen in craters all over the desert.
Year 429 a. E - The Forbidden Eclipse
The guild defies the Sultan’s decree and observes a forbidden eclipse, leading to a deeper understanding of celestial magic.
Year 488 a. E - The Oracle’s Prophecy
A renowned oracle joins the guild, providing predictions that guide the Sultanate for years to come.
Year 175 a. E - The Luminous Legacy
The current Sultan, a descendant of the founder, bestows a royal charter upon the guild, ensuring its perpetual existence.
Year 183 a. E - The Veil of Visions
The guild unveils the Mirror of Murād, a mystical artifact that reveals the true desires of those who gaze into it, leading to profound self-discoveries among the members. The resulting upheaval in the guild leads to a change in leadership and a renewed focus on the quest for knowledge instead of power..
Year 196 a. E - The Sands of Time
A sandstorm uncovers the Lost Oasis of Al-Qamar, an ancient site with ruins aligned perfectly with the stars, offering new insights into ancient celestial lore.
Year 218 a. E - The Festival of Fate
The guild hosts the first Festival of Fate, where fortunes are told based on the positions of the stars, attracting people from far and wide.
Year 235 a. E - The Night of a Thousand Lanterns
The guild lights a thousand lanterns to commemorate the passing of the Sultan’s Comet, creating a tradition that continues for centuries.
Year 248 a. E - The Dreamer’s Decree
A dream interpreter rises to prominence within the guild, leading to the establishment of the Hall of Visions, where members interpret dreams under the stars.
Year 249 a. E - The Whispering Well
The discovery of the Whispering Well, a well whose waters reflect the night sky even in brightest daylight.


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