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The twin moons of Shar'di (The twin moons of Sha-di)

Once upon a time, in the heart of the desert there lay the kingdom of Shar'di, reigned by a pair of warrior queens. These two sisters, known as Amira and Khadija, were renowned for their beauty and courage. Their twin blue opals, said to resemble the twin moons shining over Shar'di , were their prized possessions, symbols of their power and authority .
  One day, the warrior queens set out to meet the king of kings at the city of Al'nahar to forge a new alliance. They set out with a large caravan, laden with treasures and guarded by their most trusted warriors. But the great desert is a dangerous place, and the caravan was soon overtaken by a massive, terrible sandstorm.
  The storm raged for days, and when it finally subsided, the caravan was gone. Not a single trace of the warrior queens, their opals, or their warriors could be found. Many say that the desert took back what humankind stole, that the twin moons of Shar'di could not be contained by mortal hands.
  To this day, the fate of the warrior queens and their twin opals remains a mystery. But some say that on clear nights, when the desert winds are still, you can see two lights dance across the horizon, like pale moons in the night sky.


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Oct 4, 2023 19:54 by Kenneth Bignell

Nice. Makes me want to spend some more nights in the desert outside Morocco. Good imagery and a great teaser for a lore article!

Oct 22, 2023 18:08

Thank you very much, I'll add the lore article at some later point so be sure to check back.

Sit down, my friend, and let me tell you of Aran'sha . A world where the sands shift and the stars sing, where the wind carries secrets and the twin moons keep silent vigil over it all.