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Session 18: Wave Echo Cave - Wrap up

General Summary

Faceoff against flame skull - continued

Cita makes first hit.   Thoradin hits the flaming skull!   Flame skull casts fireball - hits Cernan, Shimmer, Rashid   Shimmer is really mad - cussing in Draconic. Moves over by Stormy - who did a crit fail. :(   Rashid thwacks the skull with his staff. Skull baseball! Goes spinning off.   Cernan) hits the skull - lots of damage.   Cita takes shots on the skeleton.   Thoradin cleaves the skull in half, as he leaps. Super hero landing.   We clean up the skeleton and zombies...   Cita takes the head off the skeleton. Cernan makes a zombie go poof.   Shimmer charges over and eats several of the nasty skull bits. YUCK! She hates it but doesn't want the skull returning.   Cernan takes the lead in what to do about the skull to keep it from coming back. Prays and puts holy water on it. Shimmer feels better now.   Searching the area. Don't find anything new.   Short rest - half hit point allowance back.


Exploring south to finish clearing out the caves

Come across an ancient battle scene in a banquet hall. We find nasty undead things (ghouls).   Cernan realizes they can paralyze victims by touch. Cita sneaks. Returns and says there's 7.   Shimmer and Stormy stay behind while the others go get a table for cover and set it up in the hall.   Throw rocks to see what the ghouls do. They perk up and meander toward the sounds in the banquet hall. Rashid casts web, so we can try to pick them off. Booyah!  
DM waves magic wand, saying we cleared it out and searched the rooms.
  Back to Gormesh, the Beholder, and the Forge of Spells. "At last, my work here is done and my contract complete. Wizard, I leave the Forge of Spells to you."   There was a battle here. Brazier and pedestal untouched. Two items left behind - mace (called light bringer) and armor (dragon's scales, says Dragon guard).   (Altering from the Forge of Spells book now...) Rashid wanders over to the Forge of Spells - focuses on it for hours! He's got this! It's old and out of repair. We may be able to enchant some items. It has to do with the flames.   Stormy's got an extra longbow. She'll be the first test. (rolled a 08 on d100).Flame by it contains fire. Another flame pops up - silver. Rashid tips bow into silver. Has magical essence. No effect to arrows. Attunes to it. Reservoir - 1 silver magic in it. Is when gone is gone. Can add 1 skill point anywhere I want, ONCE - permanently.   One less flame tip in the forge.   Cernan - longsword. 60 on d100. Rashid picks the 'light' flame. Cernan attunes to it. Weapon is named - Dawn breaker. Every day if it can see the dawn, gains 1 charge of radiant energy, 2d6 radiant energy. +1 sword now. Can only ever hold 1 charge.   Cita - lock picks. 81 on d100. Rashid picks the blue flame. Cita hunts down a lock. They work like butter. +2 lock picks.   2 Flame tongues left.   Thoradin offers a mythril ring (Ring of Argastu). rolls 55 on d100. Rashid sees 2 blue flames - anti flame or warm comforting. Rashid picks anti fire. Thoradin attunes to it. Fire resistance to wearer.   1 magic flame tongue left. Rashid tries the ring of cold resistance. Rolls 13 of 100. Ice. Flame tongues are gone. Rashid attunes. Charges, mele attack can add d6 cold. 4 charges. (Plus is still a ring of cold resistance.)   There's a natural faceted crystal on the side with an orange magical glow. It calls to Rashid. He pries it out. (Ethereal chain wraps around his arm. That he does not mention.) It's holding on to him. The thing finds it comforting. We talk to it and it pulsates. Rashid attunes to it. (Plane of earth crystal.)   Rashid is weirded out.   We could come back and to maintenance. It would take a group of wizards 50-80 years to fix it.   Attuning to the mace and armor.
  • (Rashid) Mace + 1, can light up and while lit +d6 damage.
  • (Cernan) dragon guard: +1 breast plate. Advantage on breath weapons for breath weapons.


    The Contract

    Gundrun Rockseeker - writes up a contract that we get 10% of the profit from the mine. He warns us it will take a while to get it going.   Tell dwarves (up to 4) that would like to be hired, how to get there. Stormy has a copy of the map of how to get there.  
    DM has plans for shops.


    Where now?

  • Cita wants to visit her family in Alador - City
  • then New Haran

  • Rewards Granted

  • 2850 XP each
  • we are 5th level

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    (AMY) Put Alador - City (map on Discord) in WA.
    (AMY) pick which skill to up
    (AMY and BILL) come up with a ceremony to dedicate Stormy to Arabeth. (Not doing Cleric level after all. It would be a dupe of what Stormy and Cernan can do already.)
    (everyone) level up to level 5   Shimmer wants to fly!!!!


    Report Date
    16 Sep 2023
    Primary Location


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