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AMG Anomalies

List of Anomalies
Declassified Anomalies
There are many items documented by the elusive AMG.
Every entry starts with AM, or Anomalous Material, followed by a serial number.
  • AM-000 {DECLASS} "The Looking Glass" - Discovered in ███ ABO, near the galactic core, this solid state storage medium, once plugged into an appropriately powerful computer, was discovered to contain a highly intelligent artificial person.
  • AM-022 {DECLASS} "The Doldrum Zone" - Found in a stretch of space between the Coatla and Shala sectors, taking up a span of roughly 4-5 subsectors, this seemingly normal area only really demonstrates any kind of anomalous effect when a starship enters. All advanced devices short, and the system will experience either an overwhelming influx of information forcing itself onto the its drives, or being completely sapped of all data. Surviving displays will contain a symbol, formed from characters- numbers, letters, and symbols, in a style formally known as ASCII art. To date, no one has been able to pin an origin on the symbol.
    Deepening the mystery of the anomaly, personnel manning long-range observation scopes noticed a trio of shapes at more or less the center- Ground Zero, as some have dubbed it- vaguely humanoid in appearance, seemingly holding hands.
  • AM-090 {DECLASS} "Organic Tower in Orbit" - First discovered in orbit above the ██████ ████, and presumed to be the only of its kind, but later explorations of the galaxy led to discovery of more. Scattered throughout the galaxy, these megalithic, fossilized 'towers' silently loom above seemingly random worlds. Random, that is, until a pattern was noticed by a fledgling researcher; all of the worlds are outside of the habitable zones for their respective stars, yet all of the worlds sport nominal atmospheres.
  These are primarily classified documents, with only snippets available on the GalactaNet.
  • AM-100 {CLASS} "The Recarro Find" - Discovered approximately ███km from the ███████ █████ by Sudaban Holdings, AMG worked with the Sudaban to establish headquarters above the discovery. After an icequake, this anomaly is considered 'lost'. The object is described as a ████ ██ ████████████ ████ █████████ ██████ █ ████████ █████ █████████ █████ ███ ███. There is reports of another find at ██ ██████████████ ███████, but the icequake rendered this unconfirmable.

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