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Nexus Cat

N Medium magical beast (fey-touched)

Written by Pookas Kreations

Native to the fey jungles of Sylvania. The nexus cat is a fierce, stealthy predator with little fear of larger opponents, or even the weapons of sentient beings. They are hunted for sport on their native continent, Sylvania. Nexus cats often turn the tables on their would-be hunters and slash them to ribbons before they can fire a shot.

Basic Information


A nexus cat has rather short limbs compared to the other big cats. Its hind limbs are longer than its front limbs to allow for increased jumping and leaping capabilities. Its leg bones are not fused, which gives it a greater range of motion when climbing trees and stalking prey.

Biological Traits

Nexus Cats weigh between 200-400 lbs. They stand 24-30 in tall at the shoulder and are 6-8 feet long (including their tail). Males tend to be slightly larger and stockier than females.

Genetics and Reproduction

The nexus cat can reproduce with any other cat. But unless the birth occurs on the island of Sylvania the offspring will not inherit any of its parents' supernatural abilities.   Both males and females average 26 months at first reproduction. Mating usually occurs between December and March. Males tend to be very aggressive during these encounters and they tend to spend days together. Afterwards, the male leaves and is not involved in raising the kittens. After a gestation period of 90+ days, females give birth to a litter of 1-5 kits, with an average of 3. They only have one litter per year.

Growth Rate & Stages

Initially, the young are blind and helpless, much like the young of many other cats. At a little less than 1 year the kits become self sufficient and are able to hunt on their own.

Ecology and Habitats

The nexus cat is a solitary individual. Early accounts depict it as a rare, secretive, arboreal, and nocturnal inhabitant of dense jungles/forests. It is one of the most talented climbers among the cats. Nexus Cats are very strong and flexible, they can run up/down a tree similar to a squirrel and hang upside down like a monkey. They can easily jump up to 4 ft high.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Nexus Cats mostly stay up in trees in their territory, they sleep/rest in their favorite trees. They are often nocturnal but if disturbed, this can change their cycle. When hunting, they stalk their prey or wait for the prey to come to them. Confirmed prey species include: fish, pigs, deer, monkeys, porcupine, pangolin, ground squirrel and various birds.

Biological Cycle

Nexus Cats can live up to 40 years (or longer if extended magically) unless it is cut short by a larger predator or termination by hunters. On Sylvania there aren't many areas that have extreme temperature swings enough to bother a nexus cat.

Additional Information

Social Structure

The male nexus cat normally is solitary, except during mating season. Afterwards, they go back to their previous existence. Young males often group together for protection until they learn to fend for themselves, these prides can be groups of 4-6 or as many as 10 cats.   Females often group together in sister prides, with an older cat as the pride Queen. Mated females are able to keep their kittens with them until males are 2 years old and females can join the pride. At this time they are driven off. This pride often numbers 12-24, but can be as large as 40.


Fey druids and rangers often train Nexus cats to guard borders and important locations. They are rarely trained for war, because their individual nature interferes.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Nobles sometimes hunt these creatures for the thrill of it, magic users often commission hunters to bring back pelts for the making of invisibility cloaks.

Facial characteristics

A nexus cat's skull is long and low with strong cheek and jaw ridges. The canine teeth are exceptionally long, the upper being about three times as long as the basal width of the socket. The upper pair of canines measure 1.6 in or longer. The nexus cat is often referred to as a sabre-tooth because of its large incisors.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Any jungle, but mostly in Sylvania or the Feywild

Average Intelligence

Nexus Cats are very intelligent for an animal (4), they can understand Common and a rare few can speak it. Its hyoid bone is ossified, making it possible to purr (This also helps the ability to speak). With their Mimicry ability they can imitate the sounds of almost any animal found near its lair or territory.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Initiative +12; Senses darkvision 60', lowlight vision; and Perception +10

Symbiotic and Parasitic organisms

None known

Genetic Ancestor(s)
Scientific Name
Felidae Pantherinae Neofelis Nebulosa
Island of Sylvania. There are many cats that look similar to the Nexus Cat, but few that don't live with the Fey on Sylvania possess the supernatural abilities of this species. Many believe that the nexus cat gained its abilities during the Mage Wars.
30-40 years
Conservation Status
The fey often use trained Nexus Cats as guardians of their borders and important sites.
Average Height
24-30 in
Average Weight
200-400 lbs
Average Length
6-8 ft
Average Physique
Nexus Cats have a long, lithe body with sleek fur and wiry muscles. They are very strong and flexible for their size. And are great jumpers and climbers.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
The Nexus Cat's fur is of a dark grey or reddish-brown color, often largely covered by black and dark dusky-grey or green/brown blotched/striped pattern. They have a combination of stripes, spots and patches covering their whole body, with a median stripe down their back and black ears. Their flanks are marked by dark dusky-grey irregular blotches bordered behind by long, oblique, irregularly curved or looped stripes. These blotches yielding the clouded pattern suggest the name of the cat.   The underparts and legs are spotted, and the tail is marked by large, irregular, paired spots. Its legs are short and muscular, and paws broad. They have spiky hair between their front shoulder blades and ebony claws/teeth.   Its pupils contract into vertical slits. Irises are brownish yellow to grayish green, some have fluorescent eyes. Melanistic clouded leopards are uncommon.

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