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Brigid's Sunrise Blessing

Written by Pookas Kreations

Lila Sunbright is the High Priestess of the Church of Brigid, after they moved underground, the people realized that they needed to be able to grow some crops underground for safety. They asked Lila to commune with Brigid, Goddess of Creativity for help.   To help with this, Lila researched what would be needed to produce this ritual. The following is what she came up with.   
  • Have the Daylight spell prepared
  • A piece of Sunstone that reflects bright shafts of light for a focus.
  • A sacrificial offering: a loaf of bread, a wedge of cheese, a flask of honey, and a bottle of cider. 
  • A prepared suitable location, such as a raised area that will rise above the crops or hang below the ceiling that will not block the light.
  • The ritual needs to be performed at dawn on the first day of the second month of the year during the festival of Brigid.
  • Draw a circle around the location with chalk or salt, and place the sunstone at the center of the circle. This circle represents the boundary.
  • Invoke Brigid by reciting a prayer or poem in her honor, and ask for her blessing and guidance. 
  • Place the offering on the focus component, and light a torch to symbolize her fire. Cast the spell on the focus, and say:  By the power of Brigid and the sun, Let there be Light!
  • Thank Brigid for her assistance and generosity, and vow to honor her and care for the crops. The offering should be replaced every few days, although the torch doesn't need to be.


Daylight will glow with a bright light that illuminates the ritual area. The effect will last for 8 hours and will reappear at dawn every day, as long as the focus component and offerings remain intact.

Side/Secondary Effects

The light will protect the crops from harmful creatures or influences.


A bright, warming light suffuses the cavern


A sunstone imbued with Brigid's light, that draws on the power she placed in it.


Lila Sunbright wrote this ritual with the aid of Brigid, Goddess of Creativity inspiration.
Brigid, bright goddess of the dawn, lady of fire and inspiration, mistress of healing and craftsmen, patron of bards and farmers, hear my prayer and grant me your favor. i offer theses gifts of the harvest, the fruits of your bounty and grace. i ask that you bless this land with your light, to make it fertile and fruitful. i plea with you to shine your rays where it is needed, to make it radiant and warm. i ask you to fill this place with your presence, to make it sacred and safe. Brigid, bright goddess of the dawn, be with me in this ritual and always.
Related Deity/Higher Power
Related Organizations
Material Components
Sunstone, foods liked by Brigid, a torch, chalk, or salt.
Related School
Related Element
The sun and fire.
Effect Duration
8 hours
Effect Casting Time
1 action
60 feet radius sphere of bright light, plus 60 feet of dim light
3rd level as a 9th level cleric

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Dec 5, 2023 21:02 by Marc Zipper

This is awesome a ritual for farming and honoring the goddess. I love how the ritual is asking and giving to the goddess for her blessings of all good harvest

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