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Bottomless Cataract

Written by Pookas Kreations

The Bottomless Cataract was created by the Atlanteans when they landed on what was to become Atlantia. They didn't realize that there was a enormous cave below their landing site. Not long after landing, the roof of the cave collapsed.

The shock of this, disrupted the magic on their endless fountain, which caused it to leak into the sinkhole which became the Cataract.


This ancient cave system that is now open to the sky, seems bottomless because it is so deep and the waterfalls shroud its floor.

Flora & Fauna

Moonrats, salamanders, cave shrimp, and any other aquatic and/or subterranean creatures. Krestean even make their way in at times.

Natural Resources

Various types of ores, krystals and subterranean aquatic plants.
Alternative Name(s)
Everflowing Falls, Endless Chasm, Endless Falls

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Author's Notes

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