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Ambrys Junglestalker

Written by Pookas Kreations

Alpha Ambrys Junglestalker (a.k.a. Bree)

Ambrys is a young jungle drake, raised by a forest gnome.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She is in great physical health, although she started out smaller than the average, now she is larger. One reason is probably a combination of her diet, loving home and good shelter.

Body Features

She has a long sinuous body, no wings, 6 legs, a long tail capped with a scorpion-like stinger, snake-like scales, 6 toed feet, long fingers tipped with retractable claws.

Facial Features

Her head looks like a cross between a dragon and a cobra.

Special abilities

  • Poison: Fort DC 17 1/rd for 6 rounds, 1d2 dmg, Dex and Str damage; cure 1 save.
  • Predatory Strike: Move full speed while grappling, but not climbing. 
  • Speed Surge: 3/day as swift action; a boost of strength and speed to gain an additional move action that round.
  • Woodland Stride: ignores difficult vegetation in forests and jungles.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She was hatched and raised by Bryan Forestwalker. He found her as egg, Forest Egg in the forest. She was raised to be part of his pack of hunting hounds.

She is famous because he raised her as a good, loving being instead of the evil, cruel creature the rest of her kind. When introduced to the hunting hound pack, they were hostile. When their hound master ordered them to stop, she was grudgingly accepted as an omega. Over the years, after proving herself, she worked her way up to beta then challenged the Alpha and won. She is now the leader of her master's pack.


Ambrys is a female and lately has been yearning for a mate. Bryan has been wondering what is wrong and finally realized that she’s in heat. He told her to go find a mate, but worries if she’ll survive the experience and come back because he raised her without others of her kind.


She was trained as a guard dog, and then a hunting hound.


Alpha of Bryans hunting hounds. The pack is used to hunt dangerous creatures in the forest that make a nuisance of themselves.

Accomplishments & Achievements

When she became alpha, they have become more and more successful in the hunts.

Intellectual Characteristics

She has below-average human-like intelligence. It mostly pertains to hunting and the animals that live there. She is cunning and has an instinctual skill of pack tactics, how to defeat various animals, what’s the best to eat and when, how to camouflage in different times of the year, etc.

Recently she has begun to understand, speak, and read the tree gnome language.

Morality & Philosophy

Bryan taught her the concept of right and wrong, raising her to have a neutral good alignment


Killing for no reason. Eating a sentient being.
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
Her clutch was different from the start as they were lain with the radius of the energy from a faewild portal. This altered all of the eggs in various ways.
Emerald green
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Mottled skin in various shades of blue and green
Related Plots
Known Languages
Tree Gnome, Sylvan and Draconic.

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