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various, Gaming, Books, Food, Philosophy

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Cryssalia does almost a daily streaming with one or two days off. The majority of the streams are focused on article building with the sides of drawing. Their topic varies from daily lives to jokes or worldbuilding. Each day's topic depends on the day or their mood, but generally:   Worldbuilding Wednesday: Wednesday is a good day to world build. Cryssalia will attempt to world build certain aspects of their world, and play around with the CSS.   Frolicking Friday: Just before the World Anvil's official live stream, there will be a chill stream of art and discussion. Cryssalia loves to offer her input in life and art with their viewers.   Sprinting Saturday: A New 3 Hour Weekly Event Cryssalia will be holding for those who are looking for more writing or productivity sprints, chatting with other writers and worldbuilders, or simply wanted to say hi.   Subtle Sunday: A mainly note-taking session for their worlds and stories, Cryssalia keeps their notes close and accessible for easy reference.

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Cryssalia Noire (Writer)

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