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Key of Frailty

The Key of Frailty is an ancient and mysterious artifact. True to its name, it is a small and delicate thing, with a thin head wrought in the shape of a flat skull with two holes for eyes. The shaft of the key is long but thin, the half a dozen bits at its end long and frail-looking, as if they might snap apart within any lock that the key might be made for.   The artifact is one of the Seven Keys of Loviatar, vessels of dark power fashioned by the Goddess of Evil herself and gifted to her most trusted servants – her Disciples. Legends state that the keys were made to open the Nine Doors of Secrets within Loviatar’s divine realm. Beyond these mythic portals lie the answers to the most profound secrets of world. These unknowable truths were used mercilessly by the Disciples in their efforts to conquer, subjugate and deceive the mortal races of the Universe. Each of the keys also held within them a piece of Loviatar’s divine might, and this made her Disciples potent threats against the Empyreal Gods.   Click to reveal a divine secret about the nature of this artifact!
This key functions as a phylactery for its designated owner, Nepthys.
Divine artifact, trinket  
Other names
Key of Death
Current Holder
Unknown metal

Magical properties

Revelations of Weakness. The Key houses a bodiless life force that holds countless secrets. You can touch the Key to contact the entity telepathically. As an action, choose a creature you can see, and the entity will reveal mysterious insight about the target’s state of health and -- in particular -- their bodily weaknesses. This effect is not considered “mental probing” and it cannot be detected by mundane or magical means. However, certain spell-shielding effects such as powerful items and spells can provide immunity from this effect.
Unnatural Resilience. While attuned to the Key, you are immune to mundane and magical death effects. When making Constitution saves and Death saves, you roll one additional d20 die (stacks with advantage). Additionally, you have resistance to force damage as well as immunity to necrotic damage and poison damage. Lastly, you are immune to the Poisoned condition.
Knowledge of Anatomy. While attuned to the Key, you have expertise in Intelligence (Medicine) [Sic!].
Curse of Undeath. When you become attuned to the artifact, you become undead.
Spell Font. The Key has up to 12 charges. It regains 1d8+4 charges daily at dawn. You can use an action and expend any number of charges to cast one of the following spells:
Animate Dead (3 charges)
Enervation (5 charges)
Danse Macabre (5 charges)
Disintegrate (6 charges)
Create Undead (6 charges)
Finger of Death (7 charges)
Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting (8 charges)
You can cast these spells even if your caster level is too low. You use your own casting modifiers.
Seven Keys and Nine Doors. The Key of Frailty is capable of unlocking one (or more) of the mythic Nine Doors of Secrets. To find these portals one must venture into the dark domain of Loviatar herself. Such a deed would surely raise the ire of the traitor goddess, and she is a foe not to be faced unprepared…


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