Disciples of Loviatar

The Disciples of Loviatar are a sisterhood of seven villainous deities. Known also as the Goddess-Disciples, they are the most devoted and most powerful servants of Loviatar, the Goddess of Evil. Their dark alliance is arguably one of the strongest coalitions formed by any of the evil Outer Gods and one of the most significant participants in the Divine Conflict.    


The Lovers

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Nepthys the Deathweaver is the de facto leader of the Disciples, the oldest of their number and the most trusted of Loviatar's servants. She is the patron of necromancers and undead, and her Death Cults spread the taint of Undeath ever further across the Universe. She is a goddess that fell in love with a mortal, Neferkari, and put her on the path to Divinity.
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Neferkari the Sunderer is the patient and scheming Queen of Evernight, the hidden hand that leads the Death Cults of Nepthys from the shadows. She is a minor goddess of undeath whose strongest domains are those of betrayal, conspiracy, and avarice. She is the lover and companion of Nepthys.

The Sisters

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Apollion, the Bringer of War, leads uncounted legions of bloodthirsty warriors on a conquest of the Outer planes. She is the greatest rival of the Empyreal war-god Maelach in the Divine Conflict. She rose to Divinity with her twin-sister Artemision by a path of carnage and bloodshed.
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Artemision, the Mother of Despair, is a warrior goddess of grim legend feared all across the Universe. Artemision embodies cruelty, savagery, and merciless murder; her mere appearance on a battlefield is enough to rout entire armies. She is Apollion's sister and greatest champion.

The Mother and Daughter

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Atharti, the Lady of Desire, is a deity that corrupts entire civilizations as her Pleasure Cults spread across the cosmos. In the Divine Conflict, she tempts her enemies into betrayal and inaction. She is the mother of Hekarti, an unruly and wrathful girl that she had to shepherd to Divinity.
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Hekarti the Bloodcaller is an immensely powerful goddess of magic, second only to Loviatar and Vaane. She wields the unholy art of blood magic to singularly devastating effect on the endless battlefields of the Divine Conflict. She is the hotblooded daughter of the guileful Atharti.

The Recluse

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Maverdevia, the Bride of Madness and Mother of Insanity, is a goddess worshipped by lunatics and madmen. She is the only Disciple that stands alone, a pariah loved by no one -- but no less powerful for that. She has explored the eldritch secrets of the Old Gods like no other, bearing the weight of all their alien knowledge, the tiniest glimpse of which is enough to shatter the sanity of mortals and gods alike.
Above: The Disciple's Septagram, also known as Loviatar's Star.
Other names
Goddess-Disciples, Daughters of Loviatar, The Disciples, The Daughters, The Seven   Type
Cosmic, Alliance
Significant Assets
Death Cults of Nepthys
Pleasure Cults of Atharti
Sons of Apollion
Daughters of Artemision
Loviatar's dark titans

Disciple's Septagram

The seven Disciples of Loviatar are commonly represented with the symbol of a seven-pointed star known as the the Disciple's Septagram or Loviatar's Star. The seven sacred glyphs of the the Disciples are displayed around the star. Loviatar's own symbol -- representing her cycle of reincarnation -- is shown in the middle of the septagram, but it can also be omitted at times.  
Below: The Disciple's Septagram can be simplified to a circle contained in or overlaid with a circle.
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