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Blessed Age

Amanor in 2501

  In the year 2501 Amanor is a world of high fantasy and high adventure.   Daring mortals quest through uncharted wilds in search of mythic secrets, hunt for treasures in the ruins of forgotten past, and vanquish terrible monsters for coin and glory. Prosperous human nations claim vast territories on a single continent stretching from one freezing pole to another dotted by dwarven fortresses, amazon temples, barbarian territories, and jungle realms of lizardmen. The world's history is filled with conflict and tragedy, but mortal civilizations flourish in the current age -- named by scholars as the Blessed Age, or the Third Golden Age of Civilization -- when nations have set aside their differences and peace reigns.   A vast and dangerous Universe lies beyond the firmament of Amanor, but a pantheon of benevolent deities known as the Empyreal Gods watches over the world and its denizens. As its creators, they shield Amanor from the countless malignant forces of the great cosmos -- bloodthirsty war-gods, screaming demons, imperialistic celestials and many more factions besides would stake their claim on Amanor if not for the hidden sacrifices of the Empyreal Gods in the Divine Conflict.

Age of Apocalypse

Amanor after 2501

  By the end of the year 2502 Amanor is a world of darkness and suffering, plunged into unremitting war and plagued by magical catastrophies.   After thousands of years of plots and machinations Louhi -- the darkest and most evil of gods -- has reincarnated stronger than ever before and now spreads her influence across the cosmos. Gods are slain, champions fall, alliances crumble, civilizations collapse and entire worlds disappear. Scholars and doomsayers alike call this the Age of Apocalypse. Mortals living in these dark times know not of hope, safety or prosperity, for they are nothing but playthings of their Eternal Sovereign...


Amanor is a fantasy setting created by three friends with the purpose of playing tabletop roleplaying games, specifically using Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. It's a melting pot of a myriad influences and inspirations, combining all the favorite fantasy tropes of its creators along with a decent helping of original content.   Originally conceived to combine all the various ideas, fantasies and fan-fictions floating inside the head of one fantasy nerd, Amanor copies things heavily from other sources -- movies, books, video games, music, mythologies, and whatever else inspires us. This is something we do not strive to hide but neither do we go out of our way to explain the source and inspiration behind every feature of the setting. Amanor is a tribute to all the fantasy fiction consumed over a total of 90 years of life. We hope you have as much fun reading about it as we had creating it!  

Regarding the Age of Apocalypse

The Age of Apocalypse is a historical period that splits the timeline of Amanor in two:
  1. a high fantasy period before Louhi's reincarnation in early 2502, and
  2. a (grim)dark fantasy period after it.
  Louhi is the "ultimate bad guy" in the world Amanor -- the Goddess of Evil, the Archbetrayer and the foremost nemesis of benevolent gods. Her triumph over the forces of good occured at the end of a very long D&D campaign in which the player characters were unable to thwart her well-hidden plans. And now the entire setting is doomed to darkness and misery. See the category Age of Apocalypse for more details!  

Getting started

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