Black Apocrypha

The Black Aporcrypha is a sacred text of Loviatar that is heretical to the canon of the Empyreal Faith. It is a short collection of prayers, musings, and prophecies penned down by one Magnus the Black. He was visionary prophet that lived several millenia ago and was believed to have been touched by the Goddess of Evil.   Uncountable copies of the Black Apocrypha circulate the world today, for -- like any piece of heretical lore -- the books are kept well away from inquisitive eyes. A Black Apocrypha is exceedingly difficult to find in the Heartlands where loviatarian worship is largely taboo. And even outside the Heartlands, copies of the book are sheltered in the darkest of vaults or circulated from reader to another in underground networks of cults and cabals. Moreover, loviatarian texts are often locked behind codes and ciphers, and the Black Apocrypha is no exception.     A heavily edited version of the book known as the Ashen Apocrypha serves as sacred scripture to the Imperial Church of Loviatar. The Imperial Church of Loviatar actively seeks out and destroys copies of the Black Apocrypha.
Very rare non-magical item, trinket  
Other names
Black Book
Book, often colored black, can also be ciphered and disguised as another book
Loviatarian texts are written on paper or some other easily destructible material


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