Atricians are the citizens of Achillonia, the confederated state of the Amazons. The title is hereditary, passed on by bloodline to all children of atricians. All Amazons are atricians even if they gain other titles over the course of their lives.   Both sexes enjoy identical civil liberties. The only exceptions are that men cannot be appointed to the positions of Autarch, Triarch, and Primarch. This is an ancient paradigm that honors the goddess Galatea and the great favor she shows the Amazon people.   By ancient law, no foreigner can ever become an atrician. Amazon warriors that return from abroad have sometimes brought with them foreign paramours -- humans, elves, and gnomes among others -- who can be allowed entrance to Achillona and be allowed to live their lives in the temple of their choice. But such immigrants are never made citizens. Their children will be atricians automatically thanks to the citizenship of the Amazon parent.
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Kith and kin

All ranks and titles used in Achillonia are shared and respected by all of the twelve Temples. A citizen of one temple loses no rights or privileges when visiting the lands of another temple.

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