Year 300

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Ataxia relies on the balance of elemental magic. Failing to maintain the balance of magic triggers catastrophes and natural disasters—and potentially—irreversible changes to the land. For centuries, Paritet has controlled this balance as a universal governing body. They dictate which element needs to be channeled more at which times.   But people make for poor magic filters. All who channel magic slowly go insane until the use of it kills them. Those who help keep the elemental balance are revered for their sacrifice, becoming martyrs for the lives of all.   Yet many wish this wasn't the case. There are those who wish lives didn't need to be used to keep the world stable. Isn't there some way to prevent loved ones from going insane before they've even started their own families? Isn't there some way to save them before they succumb to the erosive magic? Isn't there some other way to keep the world balanced?   Isn't there?