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The Reliant

The Reliant was a cargo airship which officially went lost on an ordinary voyage from the capital city of Kingdom of Shausal to Bourlimar via Saharke. What happened to it or its crew and the passengers is currently unknown, although some careful inquiries have been made to The Magistrate of Kastradal over which territory the airship went lost. According to the Magistrate's officials, no trace of a supposed crash has been found.   The Disappearance of the Reliant has become a hot potato between the smaller countries of Madovar and the Magistrate, because many important individuals were aboard the airship. Some conspiracy theories have arisen to point out that it was awfully convenient for the Magistrate that not even a tattered sail has been found after the suspected wreckage... On the list of passengers were well-known individuals like the advisor of the Empire of the Flaming Spear and the new prophet of the aforementioned country. And, of course a certain son of a duke, Titus Skysong.

Power Generation

Magi-mechanical arcanocrystal.
Owning Organization
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Passengers: 20 (not including the crew).


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