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Bioversals (Bio Universal Life) are any life form that lives on the Edrox planet, some of them can be tamed while others can't. If you are a Nomad, you have to know some rules on how to raise them and use them on your benefits, even for Team Battles.

Elemental Weaknesses

Bioversals can share the same element but their weaknesses are not exactly the same, you have to know the species more than the element if you can relate the species and the element you can take advantage of their strengths and weaknesses. Some Bioversals possess two elements properties as part of their biology, these ones are denominated Native Bioversals because they are exclusive of one Realm. For last we got those Bioversals that are known as Golden Bioversals, they usually possess better resistances and rare weaknesses or in some cases no weaknesses, these beings are a better version of their common counterpart and they also are extremely rare to find.

Raising and Care

Bioversals are vulnerable beings, they aren't fighting machines, they are living beings, if you want to keep one Bioversal you have to feed it at least once a day, and if you want to train it to be better in Team Battles, you have to feed it very well before any battle so they can use their full potential on the battlefield. If one of them is knocked out in battle, you don't need to heal them actually, just feed them so they can restore their strengths, the reason behind is because they don't really participate physically on the battle, they just have a holographic clone projected on the battlefield, but this holographic clone drains their energy and leave them hungry if they weren't prepared well enough. Bioversals cant participates if they are hungry.

Level Requirement

In order to reach the next level, you must take care of the Bioversal in many aspects, some aspects are more valuable than others, all Bioversals independent of how low is their evolution stage starts from Level 1, the maximum Level is 15 and these are their basic stats at the start.
Stamina: 10Offensive: 10Defensive: 10
All Bioversals will get points or lose it depending on the next:
  • Eat Food: +24
  • Eat Favorite Food: +96
  • Eat Dessert: +48
  • Participate in a Battle: +52
  • Win a Battle: +120
  • Rest: +60
  • Friendly Bond: +100
  • Friendly Weather: +15
  • Friendly Ecosistem: +20
  • Friendly Partners: +50
  • Starving: -24
  • Eat Unwanted Food: -96
  • Being Force to Fight: -52
  • Lose a Battle: -120
  • Imsomnia: -60
  • Hostile Bond: -100
  • Hostile Weather: -15
  • Hostile Ecosistem: -20
  • Hostile Partners: -50
You need to collect 1200 points to level up and you can distribute all those points in your Bioversal Stats as you wish. The stats boost will be visible once it reach at least 3000 points.

Evo Boost

Any Bioversal that are in Egg Stage and forward can be evolved in any desired species if you have the required item for each stage, this only works in Team Battles and can be a great surprise for those that believe that you don't have the advantage.


All Bioversals have their natural lines of evolution, the only good news about this is the fact that you can decide when they are going to reach their next stage of evolution, the only requirement is one evolutionary item that matches with their actual evolutionary stage. But careful, some Bioversals have more than one natural line of evolution and this could lead to random and unreversible evolution.


Some Bioversals have native forms which mean that they have a particular variant depending on which realm they are born from. Those Bioversals always get a secondary type and the ability to exploit their full potential trough dystopian or utopian energies.

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