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The most basic sub-element existent from all, it doesn't represent anything more than neutrality.

Erementor related to this sub-element

Sub-elements don't have any representative Erementor

Bioversals related to this sub-element

Unlike most Bioversals, all species related to this sub-element doesn't have any weaknesses, also they don't have an advantage against any other elemental property.

Items related to this sub-element

Artificial items don't have an offensive purpose, while fruits are known for being juicy and have a neutral taste, mostly like water, being refreshing and sometimes could be a little sweet.

Special Movements (Golden)

Cosmic PulseUser: Enerspark Power: 10Category: Special AttackSide Effects: NoneExclusivity: Yes

Related Erementor
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Related Guardian
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Common Resistances
Common Weaknesses

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