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The fourth Element in the Erementor hierarchy. It represents the lands and the mountains of the environment, also minerals are very related to many Bioversals that are related to this element.

Erementor Related to this Element

Terevus is the maximum representation of the Terra element, he is usually known as symbol of stability and union, connections, physical and mental strength inside every living being.

Bioversals Related to this Element

All species related to this Element are known for being rare to find in their natural environment, their attacks can be related to rocks, minerals, and even sand, this indicates what kind of weaknesses they have as well, in general, bioversals that are related to environments that involve sand are weak to Hydro attacks because most of the time they are beings that don't require water at all, the bioversals that are related to the ground are weak to Herba attacks because some of them are prey of Herba bioversals that want to drain their mineral components, and last, bioversals related to the rocks and caves are weak to Bits attacks because technology can modify and destroy their natural environment just like Glacies related attack too. But when we talk about resistances, bioversals that belongs to Bio, Ventus, Toxus, Igneo, Lumen, and Umbra could be the ones that could have problems against these guys.

Related Erementor
Related Guardian
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Common Resistances
Common Weaknesses

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