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The seventh Element in the Erementor hierarchy. It represents the life and evolution of all species that live on the planet, the beauty of life and the growth of any newborn.

Erementor related to this element

Bieros is the maximum representation of the Bio Element, he represents the evolution and physical life present on the planet of all living beings. This indicates that he possesses full control of the life and death of every single being.

Bioversals related to this element

All species related to this element are usually unpredictable because their strengths and weaknesses can be totally different between each other, the most distinctive trait of most species related to this element is that they can reach many weaknesses and almost no resistances, those weaknesses are to elements: Toxus, Glacies, Tronu, Igneo, Terra, Bits and their own elements in some cases. While their resistances are focused on the element Herba.

Related Erementor
Related Guardian
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Common Resistances
Common Weaknesses

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