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"An Ocelin is a peculiar creature - shiny metal feet and small twigs and leaves grow from its skin. It almost looks like feathers" she said while she kept observing this magnificent creature
  The Nadvë had a strong connection with this creature, and made great bonds with them. They used Ocelins for transportation - mostly for transporting themselves, but sometimes for transporting payloads. Nadvës liked Ocelins and saw them as friends rather than just creatures. They never entrapped them but made sure that their Ocelin could leave at any moment. Pictures and stories of Nadwë interacting with Ocelins has been found in several old buildings around Domus. Nadvë saw the Ocelins big potential, and felt their giant soft and loving heart, and made them apart from their own family.  

A terrific companion

The Ocelin is a very resilient creature, and therefore a really good companion for long distances and a heavy payload. One thing that makes them stand out, is how their feet work.   Their feet are made out of metal and flesh, which makes them strong and good for walking/running long distances. Metal has never been seen growing from a living creature before the Ocelin, and that makes the discovery much more special.   The type of metal is also a first, like Arch which also is a new metal found on Domus, metal from the Ocelin is a new type of metal. It has properties like a biomaterial and looks a lot like scales, it can repair and regenerate, but it also has all the properties you would expect to find in metal.   Not only that, but it's also super strong, which is what makes Ocelin so resilient.   One the right is an illustration of a closeup view of an Ocelin foot. The scale-like feature is the metal sheets, that protect the foot. The underside is also completely metal.
ocelin foot.png
by CatRobi
Ocelin foot

Human companionship

Ocelin has been reported to connect very well - and strongly - with humans. They react very strongly to emotions, and they seem to have their form of empathy. Strong bonds of trust are something you see quite often between an Ocelin and a human.

Classic features

The most common colour combination for Ocelins is like the ones that are illustrated in the picture above. Other combinations have been seen, like a blue variant and a yellow. It's unknown how many different combinations that exist, but it could potentially be hundreds.


Ocelins are a playful species and love to make up new games with their fellow Ocelins. They appreciate a good play-companion. Empathy isn't something they lack either. They seek strong relationships and seem to comfort each other when it's needed. They're quite clever - that may be one of the reasons they know human contact isn't bad. They seem to know what humans want by looking at simple gestures and signs.   With all the empathy they have for other living things, Ocelins is good at protecting their loved ones, and those who need their assistance.

by CatRobi

Average appearance

  • Height: 2.5. - 2,9 meters (from feet to top of the head)
  • Average lifespan: 30 - 40 years.
  • Colors: Most common is like the picture above, but blue and yellow Ocelins exists aswell.
  • Partners: They seem like they form partners for life.
  • Food: Mostly plants and smaller creatures like insects.


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