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Alpha Centauri

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Earth. Home to humans. Home to peace and war... And death. Technical advancements, and new inventions, the human race sees themselves as intelligent and almost all-knowing. Oh, but they are far from omniscient.     After asteroid Mors went cruising past Earth - a very close call for humanity - people of the Earth came to realise how fragile their existence in the universe is. Not long after this incident, their equipment began showing a strange signal from a distant star and they turned their eyes to a new solar system: Alpha Centauri A. All this sounds very technical and futuristic, but strange things are about to happen, and humans will enter a magical world they never thought possible.     They will soon have to realise that they really don't know all there is to know, and science as they see it is far beyond that.
    This is very much a work in progress. I have never build a world before, so I'm learning as I go! Also, I haven't been writing in a loooong time - Especially in English. So bear with me - spelling errors and grammar mistakes will very much be a thing.    
LTS Module 1.7 cover
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