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Trugarian Empire


The Trugarian Empire is founded on many cultures and parts of cultures in the surrounding areas of Fangorn and the different nations that are controlled by the empire, it is an ever changing culture because of the many individual cultures that make it up, but the trugarian culture is heavily based upon the old Kredarian culture which mostly disappeared after the fall of Kredaria at the hands of Valmyra during the third age.


Forged in Chaos

The Trugarian Empire was founded after the end of Dürthang in a time where most nations had fallen or were mostly broken beyond repair. It was founded by a man named Maximilian Trugar who was a young human paladin of the god Helm. He had fought bravely at many battles during Dürthang and was credited with the kill of the demon prince Yeenoghu, as well as fighting on the black peaks against Tharizdun himself. The bloodshed he and his allies had witnessed alongside the complete destruction of nations motivated him to gather as many men as he could and rebuild as much of the continent as he could. His bravery in the calamity bought him thousands of loyal supporters and his quest to rebuild had begun.   The empire he wanted to build began in Fangorn as it was his childhood home and a previously large town. He gathered the remaining citizens of the town and with his men built it up to a respectable town and later city. It would become a bastion for those on the run and a beacon for mankind. He and his friend Kameron Lancaster who had fought with him during Dürthang would go on to found a large church dedicated to the god Amaunator which many believed to have saved most of the heroes fighting on the black peaks as they fell from the sky. After Fangorn had become a large and well defended city in A4 21, Kameron died and Maximilian would create the Keepers of Light in his name, an order of paladins and clerics who swore themselves to his new kingdom and to the god Amaunator. With his new holy order and ever growing army, Maximilian would go out in the world to connect the kingdoms and build his empire.

Forged in chaos, ruled through law

Founding Date
A4 35
Geopolitical, Empire
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Neighboring Nations


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