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Keepers of Light


The Keepers of Light is a holy order under the control of the Trugarian Empire and are extremely loyal to him. The order, however, does have a separate leader who answers directly to the emperor. The Keepers of Light's leader is the High Herald which also has one of the highest ranks within the military of the Trugarian Empire. After the high herald, there are five light inquisitors placed in each of their own towers around the empire. There are always five inquisitors never less never more. Each inquisitor controls a group of 80-120 paladins in the area, and in each of these groups, there are five paladin captains leading 15-30 order paladins. Order paladins also control a higher authority than the lower military ranks of the Trugarian Empire.

Public Agenda

The Keepers of Light follows the teaching of Aumanator as well as the laws of the empire. They spread his will just as well as they oversee and enforce the law of the empire. The order protects the citizens of the empire, hunt and removes dangers and enemies to the empire and oversee religious worship throughout the lands.


The Keepers of Light are founded by the empire directly giving them all the equipment they need, be it armor, weapons, horses and other resources. The order also has a little over 400 hundred paladins spread across the empire. They also control four towers which are reinforced like forts as well as the grand fort of the order in Fangorn.


The keepers of light is a religious faction under the rule of the empire. The founder of the order is Kameron Lancaster he was a priest of Aumanator and hailed from Bleakburn. He was invited to create order in the continent by helping Maximilian Trugar to establish an empire. The order is based upon the teaching of Aumanator their god and they follow his beliefs and reinforce them throughout the empire in favor of the emperor whoever it may be.


Members of the Keepers of Light order are granted a high education in their fort and base. The education often lasts three to five years with the possibility of higher learning with promotions. A light inquisitor must also go through a five-year course/education before being granted the title.

Granted Divine Powers

People who take the oath of light are granted a magnitude of different magical abilities and spells. Continous belief and service to the order will grant paladins even stronger abilities and spells.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Keepers of Light are less political than a normal Tru Guard or imperial captain but as they are loyal to the empire they can be seen as an extension of the empire instead of a religious order at times. They are also bound to protect the emperor and the empire if need be and therefor be sent into war on his request.
Founding Date
A4 37
Religious, Holy Order
Order Paladins
Ruling Organization


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