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Basic Information


Revanians share much of their anatomy with humans, often being considered a type of human or just being called humans gifted with true revanian blood from their ancestors. They are on average slightly taller than humans and have a slightly different muscle layout.

Genetics and Reproduction

Revanians has the same reproduction properties as humans, and have not been slowed down or been made less fertile by their elven blood. Revanians also has a greater survival rate when it comes to giving birth, but twins seems to be much rarer in revanians occuring at half the rate of human twins.

True Blood

When most people refer to "revanians" they do not mean the bloodlines which create the rare "true blooded" humans which this page refers to as "revanians". They mean humans who live within the borders of Revania. The true blood revanian race is an occurrence which only about 10% of the human population in Revania actually falls within. It is therefore important to differentiate between the two "types" of Revanians, as one refers to the people and another to a conditional race of humans, often categorized as subspecies of human, through very close to humans.

Growth Rate & Stages

Revanians grow at a standard pace similiar to humans, becoming adult at the age of 18.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Revanians often have strong faces, but with some sharp elven features. Male revanians can grow facial hair much like humans, but some seem to have a harder time growing a large bushy beard like some humans can, a trait often believed to be derivative of their elven ancestor. All revanians have slightly pointed ears, but it is nothing that can be easily seen.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Most revanians live in the Revanian territory in the middle of Tyrania. There are few revanians to be found outside of this area, though some have traveled far and wide, some settling in other countries or even continents. Some have also taken to the northern steppes and tundras of Tyrania, these individuals are often known as rekklings.

Average Intelligence

Revanians are of the same intelligence as humans.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Revanians have a mixture of elven and human eyes. Revanians have more limited darkvison than elves, but much greater than humans.

Civilization and Culture

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Revanians are one of the oldest races on Tyrania and often considered a native race to the continent. They share ancestry with humans, but some believe they are the ancestors of humans. Common is also heavily inspired by the old revanian language known as revenik. Though the language is rarely spoken today, the common language is influenced by it, and the revanian dialect of common still uses some of its old words.

Historical Figures

Xavelor Whitehall is one of the most important revanians in their history. He is the revanian who brought most of the smaller tribes and cultures together and made the culture now known as Old Revanian. He is also the founder of the Whitehall Dynasty.

Common Myths and Legends

Revanians were a type of humans who bred with elves thousands of years ago, this is a known fact and many of their traits reflect that heritage. But some believe that revanians share blood with giants, making them of similar heritage to that of goliaths and firbolgs. Some believe the reason why revanians are larger than humans and often considered tougher is because of this mighty giant's blood, but nothing can be said for sure. Some take these legends to heart while others are skeptical and take them as nothing else than stories
Genetic Ancestor(s)
90-140 years
Average Height
Between 160 cm to 195 cm
Average Weight
Between 55 kg to 95kg
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Most revanian have pale white skin, with some being slightly tanner than others. Darker skinned revanians do exist, but are often the result of breeding with humans of such heritage. Revanians also have a few different eye colors from humans, some having shades of orange and yellow. A few rare individuals can also be born with shades of red. Most revanians do still have blue and green eyes, brown eyes are not natural to revanians.
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