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Morta's Edge

Bloodied Teeth, Hallowed Steel

(Legacy Content)
A blade of purity balanced by horrific action, and gripped by hatred and lust for bloodshed. Take heed - leave this place, and let this entombed fiend be forgotten to the annals of history.
— Plaque atop the now empty crypt of Morta's Edge
Morta's Edge is the artifact weapon of the aforementioned demon hunter, the self-proclaimed Morta, of the Alorean First Era. The blade itself is a large, two-handed claymore designed for wide sweeping and chopping motions, though it diverges from normal designs by having upturned spikes at the end of its quillons instead of quatrefoils, and a two cut-ins on the blade's ricasso, which are then braced by supports that come up from the hilt. While the sword was originally constructed to be an "evil-bane" of sorts, constant exposure to the essence of its numerous quarries had eventually corrupted the once hallowed blade, and led the weapon to develop a form of malignant sentience - much like how unadulterated wrath against demon-kind corrupted Morta. The blade - alongside the original Morta - was entombed in a sealed crypt in central Ysrailore, beneath the site of his greatest massacre, where it stayed throughout the rest of the First Era and into the Second.   The blade was eventually uncovered in the early-mid Second Era by one Eurida Voltimune and her entourage. This endeavor ended with one of her cohorts being possessed by the blade and starting a massacre of his own as the new Morta. Several groups of hunters were sent after the new Morta, and after numerous failed attempts to stop the killing spree, one of the hunters was able to slay the possessed soul, though in turn she herself was partially corrupted when she wrenched the weapon from him. Although the blade remains at large, the massacres have all but stopped, likely due to the fierce competition of will between the unfortunate hunter and the blade.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Originally, Morta's Edge was a mundane weapon forged of Mithrael so it could be capable of harming demons. However, once the blade became corrupted, it appears to have gained the ability to directly empower itself by consuming the essence of those it is used to slay, typically by "drinking" the victim's blood through micro-protrusions on the living blade. This empowerment usually manifests in the blade's wielder as enhanced physical capabilities, senses, reflexes, and overall combat ability, as well as gaining an armored shell that appears as a suit of silver plate-mail with red drapes - the armor of Morta. The blade itself is also empowered with lightened weight, increased cutting power, and the ability to fire "blood wave" projectiles.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Location
Unique Item, Artifact
3.2 lbs (1.5 kg)
Total Length: 65" (165 cm), Blade Length: 52" (132 cm)
Base Price


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