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(Legacy Content)
A Knight-King is a title by which the ruler of Ysrailore was called during the roughly eight-hundred year reign of Knight-King Haedril in the Alorean Second Era. When Haedril first took the crown, his confident and knightly nature gave credence to the title, making it synonymous with due process, order, and justice during the beginning centuries of his rule. This has become far less so in the time since his death at the hands of Dhelamut, the Sovereign Lord, due to Haedril's mishandling of numerous domestic and foreign issues. The title has been discontinued in recent decades due to the monarchy being reformed into a pseudo-council government.


Due to the "self-proclaimed" nature of the title from Knight-King Haedril himself upon taking the throne, and the subsequent dissolution of the monarchy once the Sovereignity Crisis ended, no criteria was set forth by Haedril for others to take his place, nor would they have been followed through on due to the formation of the council.


A Knight-King's daily duties and responsibilities include the primary decision-making in national policy, creating and enforcing the laws of the nation, and ensuring the public's safety from threats both domestic and foreign.


As the Knight-King once ruled over the entirety of one of the four primary nations, he had easy access to everything the magical nation of Ysrailore could offer, including all of the nations resources, magical capabilities, and during his only term the advent of modern Magitech.


The title came into existence when the relatively unknown Haedril Grayguard entered the halls of the Ysrailorean palace and challenged the former king, who was known to be a weak man both in body and mind, to a duel by which a true Ysrailorean king will be declared. Once he had easily bested the incumbent lord questionably easily, he declared himself as "Knight-King," and took the throne. From then, Haedril led the Ysrailorean people in an era of prosperity, only coming into real conflict after his divisive decision over the implementation of Magitech in Ysrailore.
Self proclaimed
This title was created when the self proclaimed Knight-King Haedril bested the previous king in combat in the late Alorean Second Era.
Form of Address
"Your Majesty," "Your grace," or variations thereof
Alternative Naming
Knight-Lord, though this was fairly rarely used
Source of Authority
Right of Proven Excellence
Length of Term
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