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Demora Viceum

(Legacy Content)
Demora Viceum refers to a spell of the Conjum school that causes an object to radiate an aura that attracts demonic essence, thus trapping it inside the object the spell is cast on. This can be used as a method of permanently "slaying" a demon by preventing its essence form returning to the underworld to reform. However, this spell is dangerous in two ways. Firstly, the container could be broken apart, which would release the essence trapped within. Secondly, if this spell is cast on a person, the demonic essence could result in Demora and eventual transformation into a Doeveiga, or could possibly trap the essence to a specific part of the body, where it may react differently to above. This method should not be used unless it is the last remaining option for "slaying a demon."


This spell traps demonic essence in the affected object. This spell is also the basis for the enchantment of the same name.

Side/Secondary Effects

If cast and used appropriately on a person that does not already have the Demora condition, the person has a very high chance to develop the condition and transform into a Doeveiga of that type.


Objects affected by this spell will gain a faint, pale purple glow. Once the object is entirely filled with demonic essence, the object turns pitch black and the aura around it will become flushed and dark.


Spells of any sort and in any school of Maijure rely on a person's innate pool of Maijurum to function.


This spell was developed at some point during the Dark Age as a method of countering the rapidly increasing number of demon attacks on the Dark Age magical world. As a result, not much is known about who or what exactly developed it, though it is speculated that Ysrai herself developed the spell, though considering that her preference was for Detrum, this is mostly unfounded.
Related School
Effect Duration
Permanent, or until seal breaks
Effect Casting Time
10 minute ritual


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