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The Ash

A Sea of Soot

Many moons had passed and I still wandered. They had all given me up for dead at this point, but I still lingered--somewhere beyond the Great Mountains. Food wasn't a problem this far out here, and I had even come across several tribal villages among the grasslands. I had much trouble communicating with the locals to try to get any information on the Ash at all. None of them, not even their wisest elders had ever seen or heard of the Ash. They all said I should turn around and go back to where I came from. I didn't listen.

Many more moons passed and I saw it on the horizon. The Ash. It was real. It was there, and I could see it with my own eyes. A great charred and blackened landscape with a stench most like burning coal. Clouds there were blackened and soot-smeared and I began to wonder whether they were clouds at all. As I trekked through it, my boots smeared themselves in soot. There was not a single soul around. Not even plants could thrive. The largest fern I saw was nothing but a twig on the ground, half-covered in dust.


The Ash, also known as the Charred Lands are a mythical land far away that are covered in soot and ash from a great fire that ravaged that land long, long ago. Very, very few people claim to have ever seen these lands, and yet, somewhere beyond the Great Mountains and the endless seas of dry grass, they lie, waiting for someone to find them. They say that every now and then, these lands are covered by great storms of dust and ash. But, not all believe this and some experts go as far as to believe that the Ash is actually just the same region as the Shadow Lands of Orrun, a similarly dark area, and that any traveler that claims to have seen them has just gotten themselves lost in the mountains and somehow, against all odds, seen Orrun. Very few people bother to venture that far away from known civilization, so nobody truly knows whether these lands are myth or reality. Who knows what great riches or wondrous animals might hide within?
Alternative Name(s)
The Charred Lands
Artwork By Angela B. Chrysler - Link


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24 Jul, 2019 13:50

"A sea of soot" is a great, evocative subtitle - such a good hook to reel readers in :D

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