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Allucimere Legends of the Shadow Age

21st of Aurelian, 1482 IR

Created by

Editorial Team

Nihil durat in aeternum...

...not even Caleia.

It is the 17th year of the Fifth Age, and the warm Summer breeze has failed to rid the world of the shadows that consumed it. I'm writing this letter to you, brother, not because I miss you, but to keep myself sane. I have wandered across these Elven ruins for nearly two decades now and I'm still no closer to the salvation I seek than when I started. It seems I was wrong and you were right... There is nothing beneath these limestone bricks other than dirt and ash. The great heroes of old I read about were just myths...and myths can't save this crumbling empire.

I suppose I should thank you for shattering your crown, though I curse the day you burdened me with one of its shards. Though its dreams have gotten better as of late, I can feel the Shadow's grip closing in on me. I can't hide this from it forever, and one day it will catch me. I just hope that I will rid myself of this crown shard before then.