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The Happy Hound

A warm, cheery pub, exactly the sort of homely, inviting place Halflings love.    Cosy chairs and a warm heath in the snug, stools and long communal tables in the saloon, where singing and dancing are a near constant feature.   In recent years, as well as fine Essentvale ales, the meat pies of Rutherford Pinkleshift, a Gnome  refugee from Taalio have only made the Happy Hound and even more cherished establishment by the locals.


As long as there has been a Hobbscottle, going back many generations, there has been a Happy Hound, when the earliest Halfling settlers found the good farming land around the town, the first thing they did was establish a pub.
Alternative Names
The Hound
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Characters in Location


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