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The Dewinen


The twelve Dewinen are equal and make decisions only by near-unanimous vote. (The minimum number of Dewinen in agreement for a motion to pass is ten.)

Public Agenda

The Dewinen are a specially-selected group of twelve magicians who protect the Aleruus system. They're often spread out across the two planets, each defending a certain country or collection of countries. It's also their duty to defend the vast knowledge of the Aleruus planets, both magical and otherwise.


They have magical powers at their disposal, and their most prized and protected physical item is The Heather Tome.


In 150 AE, the first group of Dewinen were brought together from the far reaches of both Arken and Titania by one man: Eloren Damerel. He saw that magic was beginning to grow rampant across the worlds and those who wielded it did so recklessly. Seeking to minimize the damage and prevent things from getting too far out of control, Eloren summoned a magician from each of the nations across Arken and Titania--twelve, at that time. The first Dewinen were as follows:
  • Eloren Damerel
  • Taegan Malor
  • Gaelin Adamar
  • Syllia Dalline
  • Lensa Keavaris
  • Elred Daefine
  • Virion Mirel
  • Taeral Lythir
  • Alayon Savel
  • Elamriel Moren
  • Kalyah Shorne
  • Derissa Farin
  After coming together, the Dewinen arranged to each take responsibility for their own nation, instructing the magicians there in how to properly use their power, keeping the magic levels under control, that kind of thing. Since then, the Dewinen have always had twelve members--even as nations split or dissolved--each responsible for what would have been the original area of their respective nation.   Read more about the training and responsibilities of a Dewin here.
Founding Date
150 AE
Education, Magic
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