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Far beyond our galaxy, sitting in the vast emptiness of space, is the star Aleruus, and orbiting this vast star are two planets: Arken and Titania. There are inhabited planets even beyond that, but these are the two of which I would tell you.   While the inhabitants of Arken and Titania are certainly different from us, they are hardly the little green men we're told about in stories. Far from it. Many of them are human, like you and me, though it's not uncommon to find a Titanian with otherworldly abilities. Others are elves or dragons, like you've heard of in faerie-stories. Still others are unlike anything you've likely read about, lurking in the swamplands and keeping their strange healing abilities to themselves.   As fantastic and wonderful as this may sound, however, all is not at peace here. There are rulers who thirst for power over both planets. There are magicians who use their powers for evil gain. There are people who seek to do good, but are misguided. Of course, it is only with these conflicts present that heroes can arise! Great kings and queens. Simple village folk who only wish to do what is right. Magicians who seek to prevent their fellows from traveling down a darkened path. And heroes are what you will find in abundance around the Aleruus star.