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Artisan Way

Written by James Woodwright
Artisan Way is a road that goes from Blackridge and Draurough and Draurough to Grey Harbour. It is a refurished road that covered the same area but the Grand Artisan wanted to make the road much more traversable and more secure.

Purpose / Function

The Grand Artisan, Thomas Roberts, under the Artistocracy wanted to allow for better transport of items coming from the University and to allow those travelling to and from Draurough on business to and from the University.


The road is made of blocks that replaces the blocks that existed before but laid out in a away that allowed the stones to last longer.


As part of the opening ceromony of Artisan Way, two horse and carts were tied together one facing towards Grey Harbour¬†and the other at Blackridge with rope, the Grand Artisan was given an axe to cut the rope to start the first journeys to those places from Draurough. The result of the cutting was that one of the stones got struck by the axe, leaving a mark, a stone nearby was removed and replaced by a bronze plaque.  
This stone was struck by Thomas Roberts, First Grand Artisan, Upon opening This road, Artisan Way.
— What the Plauqe says
in The Artistocracy Chronicles, Artisan Way in Book 2.
The Artistocracy Chroncles Books 2 - 4


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