School of Arcane Arts

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The school is teaching every kind of magic to children of the age of 6 to 14. The moment a kid gets 15, it gets transferred to the Arcane Academy for further teaching. There are four semesters, two per year, each costs 10 gold. Promising children may get a sponsorship by the school.   At the beginning of the first semester children have to go through a trial. It consists of interacting with magical objects and creatures and simple tasks of trying to manipulate things by magic or gathering information (guessing on cards or thoughts). Parents of children do didn't pass the trails get the school money back.   After the trials actual teaching begins immediately. The children are being watched closely, and any repeated failures or showing evil/bad attitude/will to exploitation or lack of understanding will make the school expell the kid. Children do not learn actual spells, it is all about sensitizing them for arcane energies, life and feelings. Besides that there are lessons about history in general, history of magic, known schools of magic and magical creatures.
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