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Crystal of Entwined Hearts

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A pair of these magical crystals, created by a skilled druid, hold a truly extraordinary power. When worn by two individuals, they form a mystical bond between them. If one of the wearers endures harm, the crystals work in unison to distribute the effects, halving the harm's severity for both. This enchantment serves as a unique form of protection and an almost unbreakable connection between the crystal bearers. Druids often rely on this sort of connection with their animal companions, especially when they are working with very small and weak companions like birds or squirrels, or rather powerful ones like wolves or bears. These crystals even provide the wearer with a clue about the direction their bonded partner is in.  


  These magical crystals are a rare find. They are usually discovered deep in the heart of ancient forests or hidden away in secluded groves where the natural magic flows strong. To enchant these crystals, the druid needs more than just the stones themselves. They require a deep connection to the earth, a profound understanding of the natural world, and a touch of mystical energy to infuse them with their protective power. The crystals themselves are a sight to behold. Gleaming with an otherworldly blue luminescence, they possess a translucent quality that seems to capture the very essence of a moonlit night. The same crystals are utilized for ley line gateways, albeit magnified by a factor of a thousand.  
Crystal by Tillerz using MidJourney
  The enchantment process itself is a delicate and intricate affair. The druid begins by communicating with the spirits of nature, seeking their guidance and blessing for the task at hand. With focused intent and whispered incantations, they channel the energy of the earth and the essence of the wild into the crystals, weaving a bond between them that transcends time and space. As the enchantment takes hold, the crystals begin to glow with a soft, ethereal light, signalling their newfound connection to each other and the world around them, and they also change their colour from a blue tone to a soft green one. Each crystal is then attached to a supple leather necklace, adorned with intricate engravings, and clasped with a simple silver fastening wrapped in leather.  
Crystal Enchantment by Tillerz using MidJourney
  These enchanted crystals have no price in money; a druid very rarely enchants them for someone else, and the crystals are bound to their wearers during the enchantment, so they cannot be used by someone else when stolen or found.  
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Fabia Garibaldi, who is the daughter of a rich and powerful merchant in Bridgeport, is a lover and protector of nature and best friends with a druid. When Viola Calafado, her secret spouse, almost died due to a serious riding accident, she persuaded her druid friend to bond their lives with a pair of those magical crystals.   Caveat: This kind of crystal works over a short distance (up to 2km). If the distance between them grows beyond that, they try to connect similar to how lightning moves: taking the route with the least resistance; ley lines provide such a low-resistant connection. But if there are no ley lines available within 2km on each side, the life-sharing effect of the crystals is not working. When the wearer endures harm exceeding half of their remaining life force while the connection is broken, the crystal opts to self-sacrifice; it absorbs half of the damage and shatters into pieces.
Crystal of Entwined Hearts by Tillerz using MidJourney
Crystal of Entwined Hearts by Tillerz using MidJourney
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2 x 2 x 4 cm

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Feb 4, 2024 19:13 by Absinthe

Undead is forever.

Feb 4, 2024 20:18 by Tillerz

That's true. But that's not for everyone's liking, I guess. :D

Feb 22, 2024 09:45

Da es sich nicht um einen einseitigen Effekt handelt, sollten sich besser nicht beide zusammen in Lebensbedrohlichen lagen befinden, oder?
Was passiert wenn beide Träger innerhalb der reichweite sind und einer von beiden trotz der Aufteilung des "Schadens" stirbt? Das Gefühl muss den anderen doch in den Wahnsinn treiben - die Kälte, die Furcht, das Schwinden der Gedanken, kompremiert über den Kristall zu fühlen...

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    Also ein gutes Potenzial für eine "schöne" Psychose beim überlebenden Spieler ;)
    Nicht das man es ihn absichtlich antun würde... aber möglich ist es.

    Have a look at my entrys for:
  • Blue Fairy 74's look into the Stars - #Astralis Challenge: The Fennân Observatory
  • DaniAdventures Romance-Ception! Challenge Ballade von der Silberelfe
  • my Adventure April short story Einer dieser Tage
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