Hall of Aziz

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The "Hall of Aziz" is the biggest and most important temple of the goddess Aziz and located in Parafifi, the capital city of Dashan. It is maintained by The Hand of Aziz. The acting Ondar Lobal is residing in one of the upper levels of the building.


The building is standing on three large legs, a wide archway between each pair of legs leads to the main room of the temple.


The building has a triangular base with its white stones stretching 240 feet into the sky, ending in one single spike with a lying crescent moon on top. The ground level is about 18 feet high and there are three levels above and at least three known levels below it. All three sides have a large archway that leads into the main room, two of these were completely closed and the third had a thick closed door when the temple was still a crypt.   All items previously located in the building have been stored in the lower levels and the walls of the upper levels are covered with long yellow, orange and red panels of cloth. The walls have been cleaned and have a bright white colour again.


The temple is a former crypt, built by a long-forgotten ruler named Janono many centuries ago for his beloved but way too soon deceased wife Malina.


The temple is being visited by many followers of Aziz throughout the year. Many things are sold and bought at the entrance:   Words of Aziz for a copper, many people buy a whole bunch of those   white pointy triangle hats mimicking the shape of the building, which are also for sale for 5 copper each   Heart of Aziz replicas, with a length of one inch on each side   It is a common tradition to hold up the small replica against the sky in the direction where Aziz is located, take a look at the slightly transparent cube and shout: "MORE LIGHT, AZIZ!" The tradition ritualizes the wish of Aziz returning to Alana in a flash of light.
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