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Cecily has always had an uncanny ability to put people at ease. She was the go-to hostess for family gatherings as a child, and her mother referred to her as her "little entertainer." This natural talent for hosting has only grown over time, and she is now one of the Cat House's most popular entertainers. She is always on the go, greeting visitors with a friendly smile and genuine interest in their lives. She enjoys hearing their stories and is quick to lend a sympathetic ear or a kind word when necessary.   She┬áis a skilled masseuse in addition to her hosting abilities. Her grandmother taught her the craft, passing down a wealth of knowledge about the human body and the art of touch. Cecily is very proud of her work and is constantly striving to improve her techniques. She is gained a devoted following among Cat House visitors, and many of them specifically request her services.   When Delilah is away, Cecily is more than capable of running the Cat House. She asserts herself with authority, and the other girls look up to her as a natural leader. She is constantly thinking of ways to improve the guest experience, and she is not afraid to take risks to do so. In fact, she dreams of one day taking over the business herself if Delilah ever decides to retire.  
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One thing Cecily does not tell anyone is that she has a secret crush on a handsome nobleman who frequents the Cat House and is a regular customer. She is aware that mingling with the visitors is against the rules, but she is powerless to stop herself from acting in this manner. She is good at hiding her feelings, but even she can not help but imagine a happy ending for the two of them when she thinks about their potential together.

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